From the Simple to the Complex without God?

As a scientist/physician I do my best to abide by logic and common sense (unless these are over-ruled by the evidence as in quantum physics and relativity). I’m not a physicist but I would ask how scientists are so absolutely sure it is possible to go from the simple to the complex by an evolutionary mechanism based on chance and niche adaptation. They say it is possible and I have read their arguments carefully. And earlier in my career I was willing to take them at their word – though I never did see clearly how their arguments could be logically extended to macroevolution. My courage grew as I realized there were many others who did not quite grasp their reasoning. Sure, an occasional mutation has a beneficial effect but that has little or nothing to do with complexity or the possibility this change will give rise to a new species. Being enthralled with the creative potential of natural selection, there was a time when I wanted to believe so badly that I searched and read widely for the clinching evidence. Truth be told, I have yet to grasp the proposed mechanics of such theoretical complexification.  

Oh, but it all sounds so logical: small changes resulting in big changes over time. What could be more logical? And yet the entire paradigm falls short of explaining consciousness as a naturally based phenomenon – not to mention falling far short of proving one species can evolve into another, or that some mixture of lower level complexities can produce some system genuinely more complex. Combination does not equal greater complexity. Indeed, the Cambrian explosion is powerful and I think proof that evolution is in fact a hoax. Surely, if the show were on the other foot, a materialist would see this as proof against evolution. It’s amazing to me how unscientific scientists become when the evidence doesn’t fit their theory. The scientific method, which I hold in high esteem, goes right out the window. The bottom line? If it were possible for something to complexify from a truly more simplistic origin, this origin would have to contain the seeds of the greater complexity – which means that the original ingredients were really not that simple to begin with.

Yes, Bible-believers are biased; the difference is that we have the Word of God and neuroscience solidly and logically backing us up. A materialistic perspective is nothing more than a prejudiced, anti-God worldview. And the proof is in the pudding: the human brain. My two books, available here, explain this proof — revealing unequivocally that an image and therefore mind precedes the organization of matter. Evolution is finally, at a robust scientific level, ruled out as the source of matter or life. The easiest read of my three books is a collection of these blog essays: Consciousness Finally Explained: A Perfect Synthesis of God and Brain.

About Glenn Dudley

GLENN DUDLEY became interested in the mind-body problem as a Pre-Med student at the University of Colorado where he emphasized studies in physics, philosophy, and Judeo-Christian theology. He received his M.D. degree from the University of Colorado in 1969. After a mixed Psychiatry/Medicine internship, he worked for two years at MIT's Neurosciences Research Program -- a think tank whose objective was that of understanding how the hard-wiring of the nervous system mediates thought and emotion. Then, he spent a year in the Department of Psychiatry at Tufts Medical School in Boston reviewing the world's literature on psychological and emotional predispositions to cancer. From 1975 to his retirement in 1998 he practiced primary care medicine.
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