What exactly are “demons”?

In this post I will explain why the world, and reality in general, is fundamentally personal, spiritual and God-centered—as opposed to objective and materialistic as modern science would have us all believe. I will explain why a biblical, spiritual perspective explains consciousness far better than science can—a mystery often referred to as the “hard question of science.”

I will further explain why a spiritual worldview points to a real shocker; namely, that what we call the “emotions”—given their origin cannot be scientifically explained and the fact that they cannot logically come from matter—are the “spirits” frequently mentioned in the Bible, a book that never uses the term “emotion” in reference to feeling. It follows that bad or negative emotions are what the Bible (depending on the translation) refers to as “impure,” “unclean” or “evil” spirits such as the “spirit of fear,” “spirit of anger,” “spirit of jealousy,” spirit of lust” and so on—and, as a quick reading of the New Testament Books of Mark and Luke makes clear, these bad spirits are synonymously referred to as “demons.”

I will explain why science is wrong when it claims that emotions are the product of evolution, so that by the time you finish reading this post you will understand why anyone believing in evolution is, intentionally or not, participating in a devil-inspired rebellion against God—the ultimate purpose of which, given that evolution conflicts with the Book of Genesis, being that of preventing people from trusting in the Bible as the inspired Word of God. It is not enough to claim that the seven days of Genesis are in truth large periods of time involving billions of years. Indeed, the evidence—when looked at from both sides of the coin (as I have done over the past thirty years)—strongly favors a biblical, creationist point of view. The Greek word for day, “yom”—as used in the Book of Genesis—clearly refers in context to just one day of a 7-day week.

In order to comprehend how and why “emotions,” “spirits” and “demons” are one and the same reality, we will now expand upon why the devil as the adversary of God would want to deceive us from believing that Jesus is the only doorway to God—much as the door of the ark was the only way to be saved from the flood in the days of Noah. The bottom line here is that many if not most “Christians” are nominal—in name only—not truly “born-again” as the only way to get right with God. Indeed, you are about to understand why spiritual regeneration (“rebirth”) is a mandatory condition for salvation and entrance into the Kingdom of God.

Proceeding—and as an important step toward explaining the big picture—consider the Bible’s claim that we “we live and move and have our being in God.” Also consider its claim that “God is light.” Note how both verses jibe perfectly with the idea that God not only preexists matter, but that He might in fact be consciousness itself—the light by which we see ourselves and the world around us. It becomes probable that “good emotion,” that which is pleasing to God, is of the Holy Spirit, in a very real sense the very presence of God; while “bad emotion” is an intrusion upon the Spirit of God by the devil and his demons.

Let’s enlarge this perspective. The Bible teaches that “God is love.” In other words, apart from the very presence of God, we have something other than true love—conditional love as opposed to the agape (unconditional) love of God. This love manifests as the fruit of the Holy Spirit: joy, peace, patience, long suffering, etc., and myriad variations of these. By sharp contrast, resentment, anger, hate, anxiety and so forth, are ungodly or unholy spirits—what the Bible calls unclean, evil spirits or “demons.”

It becomes obvious, given that science proclaims God to be irrelevant for explaining the natural world, that many scientists (especially those who believe we evolved by one accident after another over billions of years) may have been led astray by demons—i.e., unbiblical thoughts or emotions—regardless of the outrage such a conclusion generates.

We can envision a world that is divided into two camps—a dichotomy requiring that everyone makes his or her personal choice between good and evil. The problem becomes that of how one decides between what is good and what is evil. Not as simple as you might think for, as the Bible puts it, “they call evil good and good evil.” There can be lots of confusion between the two. A guide or standard is obviously needed.

We know this: a Holy God cannot be evil, which is why Lucifer, the “Angel of Light,” is an essential aspect of the big picture as the source for evil. Lucifer is a created angel whose desire to be worshiped as if he were God caused him to be thrown down to earth as the “devil,” followed by 1/3 of the remaining angels. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that scientists in their desire to understand and control, are driven by a similar desire to control and replace God. If the Bible is the correct perspective, it follows that these scientists are demonized—meaning that they have thoughts and emotions which run “contrary to the knowledge of God.” This, as you will see by what follows, is where the big picture points.

However, there must be a reliable source, a manual if you will, by which the distinction between good and evil can be determined. This manual is the Bible, apart from which the meaning of sin and rebellion would be up for grabs. It is a certainty—in a world that is fundamentally spiritual, and where choices must be made—that a loving God would not leave his us without a reliable source for discerning the difference between right and wrong.

Healing is biblical and logical 

Acknowledging the likelihood of an identity between “demons,” “spirits” and “emotions,” we can conclude something rather amazing—that when Jesus gave His disciples the authority to cast out demons, He was in effect giving them the authority to change the emotional makeup of those who were sick or emotionally troubled—a significant conclusion given that emotion and disease are known to be very intimately related! Big deal? Yes, because this means that biblical healing was less miraculous than typically believed, being instead the logical result of removing certain destructive emotions (or “demons”)—thus mitigating their negative physiological effects.

It is also well known that “emotions” are directly linked to the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, that part of the brain which includes the “limbic system” where “emotions” are known to be mediated! —further explaining why the casting out of demons results in the restoration of health; not just for the so-called “demon possessed” but for people like you and me. “Demon possession” was in fact a rare exception. In fact, this term is nowhere to be found in the original Hebrew or Greek manuscripts; it is a translational error. The Greek word “demonizomai” means “to have a demon” or “to be oppressed by a demon”—an obvious reference to the way emotions, spirits or demons (whatever you want to call them) can cause real problems. This translational error is in my opinion the result of a culture so mired in evolutionary thinking that the very thought of someone “having a demon” seems absurd. Thus, the big picture, including the fact that consciousness and emotions have yet to be explained by science, points to the need for updating and revising our thinking.

There is yet another angle, rarely considered by biblical scholars—namely, the high frequency by which demons were cast out by Jesus and His disciples. They were casting out demons frequently during the day—for example,“many at sunset.” It is highly probable, given this high frequency, that the disciples of Jesus were healing people just like you and me and only occasionally healing those who were, for all practical purposes “possessed by the devil.”

Believers, those redeemed by their faith in the finished work of Jesus, are the only ones you can cast demons out of. Why? Because they have been purchased by the blood of Jesus and therefore cannot be possessed by the devil. From every angle, “demon-possession” falls short of what actually happens and, as noted, the frequency of healing in the Bible—and the fact that healing was with few if any exceptions accompanied by the departure of demons—means that demons envisioned as pointy-eared monsters (while an accurate portrayal of their destructive nature) is more metaphor than actual.

All said, the big picture supports a more spiritual, biblical interpretation of emotion—as contrasted with their otherwise inexplicable origin—indeed, the “hard question” of science. Except for a knee-jerk presumption—the result of centuries of public education under the control of the “god of this world”—that emotions are the result of accidental evolutionary events, a spiritual origin is the most logical scenario and even a necessity if, as the Bible claims, God, not matter, is fundamental. Big deal? Yes, because this means that we have the same power and authority to heal today as Jesus and His disciples did 2000 years ago! Assuming one thing—that we are born again and Jesus lives and reigns in our hearts. Having been a warrior in the trenches of spiritual warfare over the past several decades, I can attest that healing still occurs today by the casting out of demons.

Every physiological state has its spiritual parallel. Which means that cancer, arthritis, and every disease known to man has its own highly specific demonic profile—at times difficult to discern because of the way politically incorrect “emotions” (e.g., demons of lust, hate, guilt, etc.) can be deeply repressed and therefore invisibly embedded into one’s personality during development. Nevertheless, demons will be present to the exact measure a person’s feelings and thoughts, whether or not deeply repressed, do not align with the promises of God. Arthritis, for example, is the result of a demon of anger or bitterness which the bible says “dries up the bones.” Anger, bitterness and the like, especially in a politically correct home, can be largely invisible—meaning, in modern psychological parlance, they are deeply repressed—requiring special gifts of discernment. The limbic parallel to these so-called emotions will, whether or not discerned, trigger the release of inflammatory hormones known to directly affect the joints, bones and muscles—producing, if sufficiently intense and chronic, significant damage and disfigurement.

Cancer, as with every disease, likewise has its spiritual parallel—and with high statistical significance follows a personal loss such as the death of a loved one. Such a loss allows for the entry of many demons, different from person to person but commonly including anger, depression, hopelessness and guilt—all of which compromise the immune system and its capacity for healing. Repent and cast them out and the immune system, centered in in the limbic brain, will be restored and the cancer will disappear—without any toxic side effects! So-called “spontaneous remissions” prove the point; the immune system has changed most likely in accordance with a change in one’s attitude. It is known that a high percentage of people dying of cancer go to the hospital where, knowing the end is near, resign themselves to their fate and give up their guilt and other bad demons and get better. They are discharged, go home and once again experience guilt and related demons. My own experience with cancer patients and other diseases testifies strongly to the validity of these claims.

The bottom line here is that healing is available to all. However, short of believing that every spiritual state has a very precise physical parallel—in a dichotomous world of good and evil, a world that is primarily spiritual—it will be difficult if not impossible to buy into a biblical point of view and accept the big picture being developed here. An evolutionary (materialistic) worldview pretty much excludes a biblical perspective. But in my opinion disease, including cancer, does not happen by chance and cannot be separated from one’s spiritual profile.

Healing from certain mental disorders has a similar logic. Demons are present. They are similarly present in Christians who, appearing mentally sound, reject the Gospel and have decided to leave the church. And we know for sure that demons are present in all who pridefully resist “born-again” Christianity, the reasons for which will become clear as we continue to develop the big picture.

Some common deceptions

One of the function of demons is to get people to believe that they are saved by their own good works and not by faith in Jesus alone. All of the religious cults fall into this category. People will think, “I am a pretty good person, at least as good as most people; if there is a heaven and anyone is going to be saved I will be included.” The problem here is that the Bible unequivocally teaches (in the words of Jesus) that “No one is good, only God is good.” “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Jesus said “Truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are Born again.” In other words, if one wants to get right with God, being “born again” is the only option! I can’t tell you how many wonderful, well-intended people have told me that they are Christian but “absolutely not “born again”—as if that were some fringe cult to be avoided at all costs. And, to be explained below, it is not coincidental that most who feel this way are liberal in their theology and political leanings. Unbeknownst to them, demons are controlling them.

People who reject the Gospel (the “good news”) have yet to be humbled and broken on the rock of Jesus. Their hearts have not been circumcised by an awareness of their sinful nature. They are controlled by demons (keep in mind our new understanding of this term), having no clue that their feelings are being driven by spirits working against God, feelings which corral them into accepting politically-correct philosophies or theologies—not understanding that “friendship with the world is enmity with God.” In such a manner spiritual warfare between Satan and God continues behind the scenes.

The alternative is to believe that emotions mysteriously emerge from millions of years of evolution: natural selection acting upon mutational changes (nearly 100% of which are lethal—meaning they can’t be responsible for evolutionary change.) You can’t have it both ways: either evolution is right and the Bible is wrong or evolution is a lie and the Bible is correct. And if evolution is true, consciousness and emotion remain incomprehensible. Take your pick and await your fate! Just remember that, according to the Bible, if your desire is to be politically correct and please the world you will be an enemy of God. That’s just the way it is in a world divided between good and evil, a world where one’s relationship to God depends upon choice. Not so sure? Consider that apart from choice there would be no free will. We would then be as zombies.

Another common deception is that believers—those who are born again and have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior—remain sinners and, rather than resting in the forgiving love of God, must now work even harder to prove their worth. They fail (with the help of demons) to understand that the very heart of the Gospel is that we become righteous by faith and not by works of the law—a point missed by many nominal Christians. One need not take a course in logic to comprehend that it is impossible to be righteous and a sinner at the same time—a deception causing untold distress in today’s churches and a reason why so many young people are leaving the Church. The further problem is that their anger and guilt are so repressed that their demons will not even allow any discussion of the subject. Even some born-again Christians, hearing about demons, will walk out of the room in order to avoid any discussion of the subject. Their demons want nothing to do with the truth. More often than not, the churches they attend have “a form of godliness but deny the power thereof.” In other words pastors and other church leaders have their share of demons.

It certainly doesn’t help that some churches have a ritual of “exorcism,” a grisly and frightening counterfeit to the real thing—a “rite” established by the devil himself to frighten as many people as possible away from the true and straightforward ministry of deliverance. On the other hand, believers who know they have attained to the “righteousness of God” by faith in the blood of Jesus won’t need a lot of prodding before casting their demons out—if they understand their true, biblically-described nature. And they surely won’t need a formal ritual.

Confusion about demons explains why so many Christians are seeking counseling and taking medications, most of which are toxic and whose side effects are often worse than the problem for which they are taking them. When asked by His disciples why they could not cast out certain demons, Jesus said “this kind come out only with fasting and prayer—the kind whose discernment may need the “gifts of the Spirit” such as the “discernment of spirits” or the “word of knowledge” by which spiritual gifts painful memories are revealed and dealt with as deeply repressed demons.

It cannot be overstated, the only alternative to this biblical perspective is materialism and evolution. Speaking as a scientist and physician, everything fits together perfectly only if the Bible—not modern science—is correct. I confess that for many years I was enthralled by the simplicity and apparent creative power of natural selection—until I realized that the evidence, including the fossil record favors, strong favors, creationism. Like so many, I trusted the words of men over the Word of God. Very few look at both sides of the coin as I have in their search for the truth. Most focus only on how the evidence fits their worldview. Evidence, the same for all, must be interpreted. For example, the fossil record is exactly what you would expect if the Bible is true and there actually was a worldwide flood. Yet this same record “proves” the theory of evolution—assuming much evidence is distorted and volumes of data are dismissed or ignored.

How demons enter homes

The big picture is not complete without analyzing how demons “enter” families and individuals in the first place—with the word “enter” being in quotes because if you think about it, demons, being spiritual, have no physical substance. If no physical substance, how can they be here or there in the usual sense of this word? The quick answer is that as we know the presence of God by His love, we know that demons are present to the exact measure that the love of God (agape, unconditional love) has been compromised. The question becomes that of the basis or rationale by which demons are allowed to oppress. Is their influence willy nilly or are there legal grounds for oppressing people and causing them to reject the  Gospel and the Bible as the Word of God? How, in other words, do they gain access to our souls? Why would God have allowed the devil or his demons to exist in the first place? The answer I believe is choice. Choice involves acceptance or rejection of God as biblically defined; for otherwise we can create a God to our own liking and, thinking we have the best of all worlds, miss out on the joy and peace that comes only from a biblically-prescribed relationship to a God—love which can be experienced solely through Jesus, whose death on the cross as payment for human sin is the fullest expression of that love.

If there is no God, then cold, unthinking, unfeeling natural selection would in fact be our origin. Which brings us to the “door” by which demons enter homes—even homes which adhere to the highest standards of decency, conscience and morality. The problem arises when these standards are more aligned with the Golden Rule than the “narrow door” as defined by the Word of God.

A major door by which evil is allowed to enter families (prepare to see more sacred cows shattered!) is the belief that the patriarchal model of the home is a relic of the bigoted, misogynistic past. The bottom line is that when a family deviates from a biblical, paternalistic model, the door is opened wide for demons to enter—with a mathematical precision that precisely opposes what liberals (defined as those who take liberties with the Word of God) would have us believe. A demonic skewing of the meaning of “equality” is the main culprit. You may be shocked to learn that the going mantra of “equality” between men and women, husbands and wives, is a point of entry for the devil and his spirit minions—precisely to the measure by which the devil has succeeded in distorting the true meaning of “equality” to his advantage. But let’s be clear, biblically there is absolute equality of worth and value between men and women, husbands and wives. Problems arise only when gender differences are misconstrued to connote inequality. In other words, it is only when the differences between males and females are acknowledged and applauded, that true equality, and the love of God can be fully experienced.

Starting with the father’s loss of self-esteem as a man and the head of a household, demons (disguised by the modern, psychological concept of “emotion”) will have entered the home—not if one is unlucky, but with an uncanny precision. Let’s take a closer look. When a family deviates from the paternalistic model there is, starting with the father, a lowering of self-esteem throughout the family as a whole. Having lost his God-given authority as the head of the household, a husband will find it impossible to love his wife to the extent biblically mandated, with unconditional (agape) love—“as Christ loves the Church.” Instead, he will resent her and his wife will likewise resent him for this and that and every little thing that crops up during the course of their daily lives. Even the tone with which they speak to one another is determined by the spirits which have gained access to the “emotional” (limbic) centers of their brains. Likewise, the words by which they choose to address one another are the consequence of the connection between the limbic system and their brain’s speech centers. These limbic and speech centers are in turn connected with centers responsible for sexual pleasure—supporting the notion that any deviation from the biblical model for the family has far-reaching consequences that are mediated by demons, the presence of which compromise the love of God in the manner described.

These conclusions take on special significance in the light of Scripture and the fact that we have been created “in the image of God…male and female.” The fact that the image of God specifies male and female is highly significant. Why? Because it is the quality of the interaction between husband and wife that expresses God’s presence in the home. Unfortunately, wives today are not receiving as much agape love from their husbands as they deserve; which means that neither are husbands receiving the kind of nurture they need from their wives to help them feel good about themselves as men. Much of the problem can be traced to confusion regarding the meaning of “equality” and the consequent loss of a clear and godly distinction between male and female. Woe to the society that blurs this distinction!

The Trinity

Although many religious cults deny the traditional meaning of “Father, Son and Holy Spirit,” this three-in-one triunity speaks volumes toward explaining why God is love and why His presence in a family totally depends upon a biblical relationship between husband and wife. And why, if agape love is not flowing between the parents, the children as part of a triune family will be seriously shortchanged in getting what they need for the healthy development of mind, body and spirit—yet a trinity. There’s something very special about all of these three-in-one triunities—going, if we knew the total truth, right down to the triune nature of subatomic quarks. The bottom line is that a triune God can only manifest His love to the measure that the triune nature of a family parallels the very nature of God. God wants to dwell within our homes but can only do so if we trust and are obedient to His Word and the triune model for the home therein described. This dwelling requires that a father, as the head of the household, represents God the Father, with the mother expressing the submissive and nurturing God the Son, Jesus. A child represents the Holy Spirit, the vehicle by which the love of God is transmitted down the line from one generation to another. This same Holy Spirit also mediates the love between husband and wife and all of the other interactions between the members of of a family. The point is that the fullness of God’s love—i.e., true agape love—depends upon the accuracy by which a home duplicates the very nature of God.

Going deeper, we discover that Jesus was “in all ways submitted to the Father” just as the wife is to be “in all ways submitted to her husband”—the very thing which drives liberals bonkers. Are these parallel scriptures mere coincidence? Not likely, given that if a family is to experience joy, peace and love (the Bible teaches that “God is love”), God Himself must be invited to manifest His threefold nature in the similarly triune home. However, in order for this to happen, the husband needs to be filled with the Spirit of God to the point where he is capable of loving his wife “as Christ loves the Church”—something those who hate the “bigotry” of the Bible fail to consider. They also fail to consider that if the biblical model is dismissed or otherwise ignored, a power struggle invariably results between the husband and wife, making the home more of boxing match than a duplicate of the biblical Trinity. This means that a husband must know that he is ordained by God to be the head and spiritual leader of his home; and a wife must be spiritually savvy enough to know the difference between the high calling of servanthood in the ilk of Jesus (the very presence of Jesus!) and enslavement. And, likewise, the husband can stand strong only if filled with the agape love of God the Father.

So, why do so many families fall short of the biblical ideal? It is commonly the result of unbelief and a lack of trust in the Bible as the Word of God it claims to be. Demons (i.e., ungodly thoughts and emotions) then entered legalistically—to the exact measure that God is not accurately represented in the home. This means that if the husband fails to “love his wife as Christ loves the Church” or if a wife fails to love and respect her husband as the head of the household and representative of God the Father, chaos (exactly as we are witnessing in the world today) will reign supreme with a computer-like precision—in a dichotomous world where evil is waiting at the gates to legalistically intrude upon the love of God.

Is there any hope? Not outside of biblical Christianity. That is why the Old Testament reveals the Law, so that in failing to live up to it, we can know we need a Savior. Thus the New Testament (new contract between men and God)—representing the grace of god by which the Law is written in our hearts. All by way of a Savior who has fulfilled the Law on our behalf. By grace. Unmerited favor. All that is required is belief!

Let’s look further at what it means for a husband to play a leadership role and a wife to be submissive—in order to understand why submission is in no way inferior, being in fact absolutely equal to the husband’s role as the representative of God the Father. Consider that according to the Bible Jesus is the One “through whom and by whom everything that was created was made.” Not exactly a paltry role! Yet it takes the Trinity to comprehend this truth.

And how about this?—as the incarnate Son of God “the fullness of the Deity dwells within Jesus.” Absolute equality! Just different roles. And this—when asked by His disciples to “show us the Father,” Jesus responded by saying, “Don’t you understand?Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father; you know me, henceforth you have seen Him and know Him.” You just can’t get any more explicit than that as to the equality that exists between a husband and wife—while maintaining the distinction between male and female! The problem is that liberal critics haven’t a clue as to who the Bible proclaims Jesus really is or why and what Calvary is all about—while insisting that the authors of Bible are misogynistic conveyors of hate and bigotry. Demons having a field day!

The demonic origin of the LGBT movement 

Let’s look now at how the failure to follow the biblical model for the home creates gender confusion within the home and eventually gives rise to the LGBT movement, a movement that is increasingly empowered by virtue of its seemingly genetic origin. Think of it this way. Children are either male or female and when growing up they more strongly identify with the parent of the same sex. But look at what happens when the currently despised patriarchal model is rejected and the mother, by default or otherwise, usurps the father’s God-given headship. The child, let’s say a girl, will be identifying with a mother who, from a biblical point of view, has become the father, Similarly, a boy will be identifying with a father who, spiritually speaking, has become the mother—thereby, spiritually speaking, creating boys in girl’s bodies and girls in boy’s bodies. Then, when these children are old enough to select a mate, at least some of them will feel more comfortable with a similarly reversed partner thereby reestablishing what was familiar to them growing up in a reversed home. With the passing of generations these reversals are intensified, more frequent and from a societal point of view more acceptable as “normal.” And because, with few if any exceptions, one of the partners is dominant and the other more submissive, such couples will ironically have reestablished a biblical “heterosexual” relationship!

Scientific evidence corroborates the demonic nature of these reversals. For example, it is known that, statistically, gays have more anger and depression—the latter resulting from the brain shutting itself down to protect its delicate cells from the chronic overstimulation of anger. As compared with other populations, a higher percentage of homosexuals attempt suicide. Also, it is known that lesbians make up about 40% of female prison inmates, a fact revealing the demonic nature of their emotions. In a nutshell, the evidence supports a biblical perspective and the big picture being here proposed—not to mention affirming a raging, behind-the-scenes battle between God and the devil. All in sharp contrast to an evolutionary worldview which befuddles even the most brilliant of scientists in their quest to explain how consciousness arises from quark-based matter—failing to grasp how the creation of matter itself requires a limbic-like (and therefore emotion-based transformation of energy).

Is the ministry of deliverance relevant today? 

When all is said and done, what is the practicality of the deliverance ministry in this day and age? Is such a ministry valid—I mean above and beyond the counterfeit ritual of exorcism? To answer these questions, the rationale for casting out demons must be clearly understood so that everyone can make up his or her own mind. The rationale is this: demons (a term, remember, indicating negative emotion) lost their legal right to trespass and torment the moment Jesus, dying on the Cross, said “it is finished.” From that moment on, right after the Temple veil was torn down the middle—every true believer has direct access to God, no longer needing an intermediary priest or other church leader. And this in turn means that born-again believers have the same authority over demons that Jesus and His disciples had—assuming they do not falter in their belief!

However, a major problem remains. This is a lack of knowledge as to what demons really are and why they have a legal right to harass even believers. God says, “My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge.” We live in a liberalized world where political correctness is an ideological weapon used by those who, believing they have the high ground, are in fact, pawns for the devil—working through unbiblical thoughts and “emotions.” Wolves in sheep clothing. Demons. However, indignation against them requires a trustworthy source of knowledge, including the knowledge of who we are in Christ—the righteousness of god. How does one acquire such faith? The Bible! “Faith comes from hearing and hearing comes from the Word of God.”

If you don’t believe the Bible is the true and actual Word of God, you can forget about casting out demons or being healed in this manner. Instead, you will find yourself blaming yourself for your problems, failing to recognize that reality is fundamentally spiritual and that our thoughts and emotions are either unholy or holy—demonic or the very presence of God. Those with demons will think they are justified in concluding that the deliverance ministry is a relic of the cultural past, silly for today. They are likely to conclude that they have no authority over trespassing destructive “emotions.” This is the big lie that the “god of this world”—the “father of lies”—the devil, is perpetuating—even to unsuspecting born-again believers.

A related problem is that of doubting in a given situation that one’s problem, disease or whatever, is really demonic so that, unlike the frequency with which Jesus and His disciples took authority over this kind of evil, one is afraid to take action and be healed. When that applies, the battle is over before it begins. The root problem here, whether or not one is born again, is most often a spirit of unworth stifling the indignation needed for victory. And there will be those who, despite having doubts, nevertheless attempt to cast something out—with a predictable lack of results which reinforces their doubts. These doubters are unable to persist to victory. (A few years ago, following a bug bite, I experienced the sudden onset of panarthritis (arthritis in multiple joints including my neck and shoulders. My feet looked like Popeye’s feet, balloons, and my hands were so stiff and swollen that I couldn’t flatten them out against a table top. Lab tests confirmed that I was suffering from an autoimmune response, apparently a cross-reaction to the venom of some bug. I cast a bunch of stuff out with no immediate results. The pain in my hands was so intense that at night I couldn’t sleep for more than twenty minutes at a time and only then after dipping my hands in a bucket of ice. After weeks of spiritual warfare from every conceivable angle, I recognized that I didn’t believe that the name of Jesus was stronger than the antigen-antibody root cause of my symptoms; my medical knowledge had prevented success. Almost immediately after casting out this specific unbelief, unbelief that the name of Jesus was more powerful than antigen-antibody complexes, my symptoms vanished. The bottom line: persistence pays off. The Word of God is true and sometimes it takes time to muster up the indignation for success.)

Likewise, a poor result is likely if one is indecisive about something being a demon or not being a demon. As the Bible puts it, “the double-minded shall receive noting from God.” Yet the truth remains: as believers we have, as St. Paul says, the power to demolish any thought or emotional stronghold “going contrary to the knowledge of God.

There are man angles to consider. What if we should happen to mistake something to be a demon when it is not? My answer is…so what? God will be pleased that we are willing to stand on the Word and defend the truth achieved by the death of His only begotten Son on the Cross. Which is why I believe that in a world divided between good and evil there are no gray zones: if something goes contrary to the knowledge and promises of God and you think it is a demon, it is a demon! There is no place for double mindedness! I have concluded, after many years of seeking God on this matter, that a demon is anything you can identify as evil. And if casting that demon out doesn’t bring a complete victory, cast it out again…as needed for victory—together with any related spirits such as guilt, anger, hopelessness, depression. Recognize that demons (as with “emotions”) come in clusters and can be tightly interrelated. Be creative. Don’t doubt. God will be pleased. Need healing? One of God’s name is Jehovah Rapha, God the healer. Just remember that if you are a true, biblical Christian, it is not you but the Spirit of God at work within you who is calling the shots. Stand on the promise: “We have been (past tense!) healed by His wounds.” Love Jesus and God with all of your heart, and if you are not faint of heart you will get the victory. That said, most demons are easy to discern and easy to cast out. Don’t throw the baby (the deliverance ministry) out with the bathwater (a few failed attempts to receive healing).

A word to the wise. Watch out for the warnings of those who, despite being Christians, warn about being giving too much credit to the devil. These well-meaning Christians have had little or no experience with the deliverance ministry and are almost certainly demonized to the measure of their unbelief. Don’t let them deter you from receiving whatever you need from God. In my experience, those who warn in this manner have demons of self-righteousness, pride, and hidden hatred toward God—demons which do not want to come out of their “house.” Hold fast to the Word. “The Word of God never returns void.” No disease is too powerful for Jesus. His name is “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” He created you and now, as a believer, lives within you. Expect victory, not because of any special quality or skill you may have, but “in the name of Jesus.”

Don’t have the faith? Hogwash! God “withholds no good thing.” Feel unworthy to receive it? Don’t listen to that lie! Your worthy not by anything you have done or could ever do. Your worth is in Jesus. God favors no one and gives to all who ask abundantly and freely. And, of course, if you are still sinning, stop it—that is a legal point of entry for demons. Recall the final words of Jesus: “It is finished.” He also told the woman caught in adultery: “sin no more so that nothing worse will happen to you.”

What about psychotherapy?

For many reasons, psychotherapy or counseling can be very helpful since any truth is useful, but it can also be counterproductive, reinforcing the subtle lies of the devil by encouraging the recycling one’s destructive thoughts and feelings without removing their spiritual roots—therefore yielding results which fall short of“peace that passes all understanding”—a state of mind which can be achieved only by the complete removal of guilt; and there is no way on planet Earth this can be achieved apart from the cleansing power of the shed blood of Jesus. The Bible is clear, “There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

The problem here is that many therapists, including Christian therapists, have just like their clients, been raised in reversed homes and therefore have their own demons. Proportional to spiritual reversal, these demons introduce an unbiblical (usually liberal) slant to therapy, achieving nevertheless a measure of success insofar as the “truth sets you free.” And, in my experience, I have witnessed the signs of deliverance (yawning, tearing, coughing, etc.) in people who have just learned about the true Gospel of Jesus. One person, upon hearing the “good news,” sneezed seven times. In another case, a client recognized that his longstanding problem with anger was demonic and he was immediately freed up—without casting anything out! The truth set him free.

Can those in need find help in a local church? They should be able to, but unfortunately one will be hard-pressed in today’s social climate to find a church that even believes in the ministry of deliverance. And, even if such a church is available, it is likely that it would utilize this ministry only for those who are so deeply troubled as to be labeled a little crazy—as contrasted with the high frequency of this biblical ministry. Of course, those who are a “little crazy” will also have demons—that should be obvious from a new and more biblical understanding of what demons really are; but do people like you and me have demons? Of course, to the extent their beliefs and emotions go contrary the knowledge of God.

I should note that the very act of being born-again and receiving Jesus into on’e heart drives out many demons as does prayer and repentance. Just be sure, before casting anything out, that  you have given your heart and life to Jesus and that He is the “One altogether lovely to your heart.” And that you are depending solely upon Him for the eternal state of your soul. Otherwise casting out a demon can be problematic and, as the Bible makes clear, “the state of that person can end up being worse than before.”

There is a common hindrance to deliverance and healing which should be mentioned. It is what I call an incestuous imbalance. This is found in the more seriously reversed homes and the gist of which is that children whose mothers and fathers were spiritually reversed have never experienced true, unconditional love—and were therefore, when growing up, vulnerable to a needy parent of the opposite sex. Actual incest in these instances is rare but, even so, that child is likely to be left with deeply repressed demons of guilt, shame and, especially for a daughter, a deeply embedded fear of betraying the mother—not realizing her emotions (her demons) are tightly linked to a reversal of authority in the home. Such people will then will have a problem getting close to God, whose Greek name is Abba—Papa or Daddy. Furthermore, they will have a problem with love itself since “God is love.” With the precision of a computer, spiritual reversal switches one’s allegiance from God to the devil—to the measure that the mother, and not the father, was the spiritual authority in the home.

A deeply embedded incestuous factor plays a huge role, explaining in my opinion why so many young Christians are leaving the Church and getting caught up in one cult or another—and often the occult where a sense of importance and “feel good” power can be dangerously experienced; these people don’t realize they have bought into a counterfeit which gives momentary satisfaction at the risk of losing eternal life. They know the truth but a deep incestuous conflict blocks them from acting on it. The devil has them in his grip.

Is there actual evidence for these claims? For starters, it cannot be pure coincidence that the suicide rate among young girls is soaring, occurring soon after they experience menarche. For a boy, the reasoning is similar given that his mother, spiritually, was his father. He too, to the measure his mother was the representative of God the Father, will experience incestuous conflict and fear in getting close to God. Such children are likely to grow up being one of those among many these days, who think it would be appropriate to change the name of our Creator to “God the mother.”

Furthermore, statistics bear out that liberals, compared with conservatives, attend church less frequently and donate much less of their personal income to charitable causes. This means that the calling out of Christians as hatemongers and bigots is a demonic ploy which liberals use to justify their liberal leanings. They create a god to their own liking and reject the Bible as the inerrant Word of god. Think evolution—many more liberals believe in materialism than do conservatives. But, unfortunately, spiritual reversals are no longer recognized as evil; indeed, in our increasingly liberal society they are applauded—explaining why the LGBT movement, occult involvement, and many other fruits of reversal are being increasingly considered as normal.

For the record, Christians do not hate anybody. The truth is exactly the opposite: liberals, with few exceptions, have deeply embedded hate masquerading as love in the form of their own good works—rarely seeing the depth of their own need for spiritual restoration—even legislating punishment for those who disagree with them. Just watch the evening news. Their mindset is driven by demons of unresolved guilt and anger which they project onto the Bible-believing Christians—the enemy of the demons occupying their souls.

The truth about liberals and why their social agendas are flawed

A leading American liberal recently proclaimed on national television that “being a Christian should disqualify someone from public office.” How’s that for hatred?—a good example of how those with hatred toward the God of the Bible scapegoat this hate onto believers who, with the exception of a few remaining demons, are the ones less likely to have hatred since Jesus, the epitome of love, lives in their hearts. The situation is reminiscent of how the Pharisees claimed that Jesus had a demon because he didn’t agree with the church leaders of His day. Yet, He was and is “the truth, the way and the life.”

Let it be duly noted that if the Bible is true, the liberal agenda, including the saving of the planet, is one giant counterfeit to the true Gospel of Jesus and the saving of souls. They love to initiate government programs to help the poor—at taxpayer’s expense—while claiming their opponents to be bigots. They want to save the planet, ignorant that the Bible prophesies that in the end-times (we are in them now) one-third of the earth will be burned to a crisp from natural causes and that we will eventually have a new heaven and Earth. Climate change may well be real but the real need, assuming the inerrancy of the Bible, is not the planet but the saving of lost souls. The truth is that the liberal agenda is exactly what you would expect in a world that is spiritually divided between good and evil. It is revealing that you would be hard pressed to find a born-again believer who is a fanatic for climate change. That in itself exposes the spiritual, demonic root of this movement.

With rare if any exceptions, liberals have deeply repressed guilt and are fiercely resistant to the real Gospel of Jesus which exposes their guilt—and offends their demons. They do not understand or are otherwise blinded to the blood-based Gospel of Jesus. Their repressed shame and incestuous fear of betraying their mother drives them to assuage their guilt with their social agendas. I have noted that with few exceptions liberals come from homes where, for whatever reason, the father’s authority has been usurped. Often, this usurpation is not the mother’s fault but that of the father who is alcoholic or otherwise “missing” from the home. Indeed, the father, being the spiritual head of the home, must always bear the brunt of responsibility for homes that have gone amuck of biblical wisdom. Children from such homes become the father the needed, transferring their incestuous guilt onto saving the whales, the forests, this or that species, and of course the planet. world. The societal split between liberals and conservative is obvious—the real question is the meaning and origin of this split.

Offsetting their guilt, liberals preach tolerance to anything and everything—except “misogynistic” biblical Christianity. How better could their demonic roots be exposed? Finally, it is well known that many liberals would like to eliminate gender altogether as a social distinction. There is even a movement afoot to eliminate the family altogether. In light of the big picture, it is not difficult to understand the demonic roots of these and similar movements. Biblical standards are perceived by the world to be hateful, but in truth they reflect the love of a God who gave His only begotten Son that we might have eternal life, a God who sees and even created the big picture.

What about other world religions?

As politically incorrect as it is to say, all other religions are counterfeits to the real thing—forgiveness of sin by the blood of Jesus. With no exceptions, other major religions are legalistic and compromise the full efficacy of the blood of Jesus. To my way of thinking, this compromise defines the very essence of a cult. Live and let live? Only if you want to facilitate a tragic result for those who have neither heard nor understood the true Gospel of Jesus. That said, proselytizing—in the sense of pressuring someone to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior—is out. Being led by the Holy Spirit to share the Gospel is in. Only the Holy Spirit can change someone’s heart.

Believers should be alert to the needs of others and be ready at all times to pray either with them or for them—recognizing the urgency of the Gospel message. It’s all about eternal life, for this life is brief and fleeting. One cannot achieve eternal life by pulling oneself up by his or her own bootstraps. Nor is it possible that one can be saved by putting his or her candle “beside Jesus.” Yes, He’s an excellent role model, but trying to be “like Jesus” is not the same as acknowledging what He did for us: bearing and nailing our sins, all of them—past, present, and future—to the Cross. All we have to do is to accept His sacrifice as the Lamb of God and invite Him to live forever in our hearts. Only a cleansing by His blemish-free blood can “clothe us with the righteousness of God” and qualify us for Heaven and for fellowshipping with God forever. Salvation “is a gift to be received by faith and not by works lest anyone should boast.” This gift alone is true agape, unconditional love. The contrasting mantra of “political correctness”—promoted by liberals and nominal Christians—is one of many ploys designed for stifling the truth.

Consider too that, with the exception of Christianity, all religions have their origin, directly or indirectly, with Ishmael, the illegitimate son of Abraham who, lacking faith that God would fulfill His promise for an heir, had a son by Sarah’s handmaid, Hagar. Twenty-eight generations later, Jesus was the direct and legitimate descendant of Abraham. As the Son of God, He was without sin and thus a perfect sacrifice for our sins; yet, the Pharisees claimed He had a demon and was healing by the power of the devil.

Nothing much has change, and I’m sure there will be some amongst my readers who are already reacting to this post in an angry, pharisaical manner. We love the status quo, the familiar—especially when it seems to fit best with what science tells us is the truth: materialism and evolution. There are, on the other hand, many scientists in the ilk of Galileo, Newton and a host of other Bible-believers, who understand that an orderly Universe is the result of a Lawful God. Indeed, biblical revelation of law, order and purpose is the major if not sole reason that science exists at all.

As a scientist and physician who once believed that natural selection was an elegant chisel by which God created the world, I now see the “big picture” as the only worldview by which everything fits together with perfection, a world in which, with utter futility, scientists continue to spend trillions on the “hard question”—the origin of mind and emotions. Explaining these mysteries by trusting in the biblical claim that “we live and move and have our being in God” makes the most sense and fits best with the totality of scientific evidence (including the fossil record—the layering of which is exactly what you would expect following the drainage of a worldwide flood, layers pointing not to many eons of time but to how the weight of a species determines the geological layers in which they are found.

And for my more scientifically-inclined readers, if there is any remaining doubt that mind precedes matter as the Bible proclaims, my latest book proves by the anatomy of the human brain that an image (and thus the mind of God!) is the means by which energy is converted into matter, just as the brain sustains itself and the body mass by  transforming energy regressively freed by the mismatch of expectancy (impossible apart from the transcendent nature of consciousness!). Much as energy is regressively released from the brain upon the departure of a demon. And if this reasoning should fall short, I have shown in my books (see titles below) why the light of Einstein’s famous formula, E=mc2, is the “light of God”—consciousness itself, as biblically claimed.

Could the “Big Picture” be flawed?

This essay sheds light, in more depth than I had originally intended, on a very confusing subject: demonology and exactly what is or is not a demon. I remain open to correction, but I doubt that I have missed the mark—given that reason, evidence and Scripture all jibe in support of the big picture as envisioned here. As a scientist, my thinking has  advanced to a biblical point of view, as “kicking and screaming,” my love for the “mind-body problem” transitioned over the years from an evolutionary to a biblical perspective—because that is where the evidence points. Materialists are not true scientists in that, by fiat, they rule out God and the spiritual dimension. Not only does a biblical perspective solve the ancient riddle of consciousness, the evidence is overwhelming that the Bible is the true and inerrant Word of God. (I have summarized this evidence in an earlier essay which I will send to anyone who request it. Just click on the “Contact” button above; and I may eventually post this evidence on this website.)

There is, furthermore, abundant empirical evidence. I have many times cast out of myself and others what would seem to be nothing more than a mild feeling, e.g., resentment—hardly the stuff one would imagine to be a monster, pointy-eared “demon”—the departure of which results in physiological manifestations identical with the biggies (anger, hate, etc.). I can say without hesitation that the evidence, from every conceivable angle, staunchly supports the conclusions presented here.

In any case, that’s how I envision the “big picture” in the year 2017 .

Looking ahead

Stay tuned. Follow up posts will provide further insights, including a more in-depth analysis of how to identify and cast out demons—and how a specific spiritual profile is responsible for each and every disease known to man. Readers interested in gender issues will find the Epilogue of my recent book to be of special interest: “Gender Confusion and the Collapse of America.” Yet another book, accepted for but not yet published, describes my early experiences with the deliverance ministry and how I learned, step by step, patiently and tediously—with the help of local pastors—how to cast out demons. A third book, to be published hopefully this year, is a condensed version of a book originally published in 2004 by a small, midwestern academic press (Paragon House) by the title of: Infinity and the Brain. Then, later, I published a revised 700 page version of this book with the new title: Journey to the Center of the Brain: Explaining Mind in a Universe of Matter. These books summarize my search for the truth as a medical student and explain how my thinking evolved to where it became obvious that, given the way every major center of the brain funnels into the “emotional” limbic system, that apart from a transcendent, biblically-defined God consciousness cannot be understood.

I welcome any thoughts or arguments which might correct or modify my conclusions—assuming they are based on evidence, reason, logic and, if at all possible, the Bible. No ranting or raving, please—I would simply take that as confirmation of the big picture and the reality of an ongoing battle, occurring in our minds,  between good and evil. A battle that was won at Calvary for all who are willing to take God at His Word.


Special note: I intentionally left out all scriptural references in this posting; I did not in any way want to interrupt the flow of ideas, or give the impression (to those who don’t have a biblical orientation) that such references arrogantly prove my claims. These references are easily found using any Bible concordance and the more scientific claims can be found in my most recent  book, Mind, Matter and God: Exploding the Myth of Evolution.

A final thought and prayer

For anyone wanting to learn more about salvation or what it means to be “born again”—and exactly why Jesus is the only door to God and Heaven—I recommend you call the following number: 210-491-5100 (John Hagee Ministries) and order the DVD entitled “That Rips It.” Or, if you want a quick, sure way to get right with God here and now, simply say the following prayer from your heart:

Hello God, 

I know that I have sinned and fallen short of your glory. Yes, I believe Christ died for me personally and that by acknowledging my wretchedness and accepting Him as my God and Savior that I will from this moment forward be cleansed by faith of all sin and, thanks to Jesus, will now have a personal relationship with God. Then, after being born-again in this manner, should I falter, as I’m sure I will, I will remind myself that I have, in the only eyes that really count, been cleansed of all sin by the precious blood of Jesus. And when the devil tries to convince me that I am unworthy and still a sinner, I will remind myself that I cannot be both a sinner and cleansed by faith at the same time. As St. Paul said, “When I sin, it is no longer I who sins but sin that dwells within me.” I have been redeemed by the blemish free blood of the Lamb of God! 

Going forward I will, by the power your Holy Spirit, rest in you, knowing that by my decision to trust in Jesus I have become the “righteousness of God” such that forever more, my sin—past, present and future—has been removed from me “as far as the East is from the West. I believe that when you look down upon me, you no longer see my sin, but the covering of the blood of your only begotten Son, Jesus. I will praise you daily and give you all the glory for my victories. 

And one last thought, God—I pray that when I get lax in trusting in you and see nothing but my own continuing flaws, that you will remind me to keep “looking to you as if in a mirror” so that, as promised in your Word, you will “change me—step by step, from glory to glory into the image of your beloved Son.” I pray that, toward that end, you will move me to study and hide your Word in my heart as a shield against the fiery darts of the devil. And I pray that I will repent of any failure to keep looking to you, rather than myself, for victory—that Jesus will become my all in all, my everything. 

God bless all who can say the above prayer from their heart. Just keep in mind that it’s not what you say or how you say it, but what’s in your heart and whether or not you are willing to repent, acknowledge Jesus as God, Lord and Savior, and believe that being without sin, He rose from the dead. Don’t be obsessed about proving that, as a Christian, you are worthy of God’s love. Jesus told the thief on the Cross that He would see him in paradise that day. There was no time to prove his worth; he knew that his worth was in Jesus and Jesus alone.


About Glenn Dudley

GLENN DUDLEY became interested in the mind-body problem as a Pre-Med student at the University of Colorado where he emphasized studies in physics, philosophy, and Judeo-Christian theology. He received his M.D. degree from the University of Colorado in 1969. After a mixed Psychiatry/Medicine internship, he worked for two years at MIT's Neurosciences Research Program -- a think tank whose objective was that of understanding how the hard-wiring of the nervous system mediates thought and emotion. Then, he spent a year in the Department of Psychiatry at Tufts Medical School in Boston reviewing the world's literature on psychological and emotional predispositions to cancer. From 1975 to his retirement in 1998 he practiced primary care medicine.
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