What exactly are “demons”?

In this post I will argue that reality is fundamentally spiritual, not materialistic as science would have us believe. I will reason that only a biblical perspective explains consciousness—the “hard question” of science.

And I will explain a real shocker: that “emotions” are the “spirits” mentioned so frequently in the Bible—and that negative emotions are the “demons” of the Bible. I will explain why science is wrong when it claims that consciousness is an emergent product of evolving matter. And you will understand that the ultimate purpose of demons is to prevent people from trusting in the inerrancy of the Bible and from believing that Jesus is the only way to God—in the same way as the door of Noah’s Ark was the only way to be saved from a sinful, flood-ravaged world. You are also about to understand why being “born again”)—despite the claims of angry liberals—is a necessary condition for entrance into the Kingdom of God.

The Bible says that we “we live and move and have our being in God.” That, you will see, is the only way to explain consciousness as the presence of God and the light by which we see ourselves and the world around us. You will understand why it is impossible for either consciousness or emotions to have evolved from matter.

Healing is biblical and logical 

Acknowledging for the sake of argument the identity between “spirits,” “demons” and “emotions,” we conclude something mind-boggling—that when Jesus gave His disciples the authority to cast out demons, he was giving them the authority to remove negative  emotions from those who were sick. In other words, it is likely that healing was the logical result of removing destructive “emotions” which are known to alter the physiology of the brain’s energy-regulating core—more commonly referred to as the “limbic brain.”

The New Testament gives a very misleading account of demons by translations which have been influenced by a culture steeped in materialistic thinking. The Greek word for “demon-possession,” demonizomai, simply means to have or be oppressed by a demon. The high frequency by which demons were cast out in the Bible reveals that “demon possession” was a relatively rare event. But it is a fact that lots of demons were cast out of people during the course of a day, for example “many at sunset”—ruling out that demons are found mostly only in crazy, violent people.

While metaphorically correct, demons are not literally pointy-eared monsters. Nevertheless, to grasp the significance of this metaphor, it helps to envision reality (the big picture) as being fundamentally spiritual and God-centered for then there is no need to do the impossible—that is, to explain emotion or consciousness as being emergent from matter. Later, we’ll explain what gives demons the legal right to enter and oppress or cause disease.

A couple of examples will suffice toward clarifying the big picture. Emotions (that is, demons) such as anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc., have an inflammatory correlate that does in fact cause disease—for example arthritis. Furthermore, these kinds of emotions—particularly if chronic and coupled with hopelessness—shut down the immune system, giving rise to any number of autoimmune diseases. Why? Because when one loses the will to defend oneself there is a corresponding damping down of one’s defensive mechanisms. Cancer, known to occur following a personal loss, is just one of these immune diseases. Simply stated, you can’t separate emotion from the physiology of what is going on in the body.

It doesn’t help that some churches have a ritual of “exorcism,” a grisly and frightening counterfeit to the real thing—a “rite” created by the devil himself to frighten people away from the very biblically-based ministry of deliverance. That said, believers who know their worth is in Christ won’t need a lot of prodding before mustering up the indignation to cast out demons. They surely won’t need a formal ritual. The big picture becomes helpful at this point. For if someone is aware that the deepest reality is that of spiritual warfare between God and the devil—and not materialistic events—they won’t be so timid about taking authority over their demons.

We will see that this battle is not at all a random situation with the devil getting lucky from time to time, but that he does his dirty work on a strictly legalistic basis; meaning that God gives him the right to oppress, destroy or kill solely to the measure the commandments and promises of God are ignored or rejected.

How demons enter homes

Demonic intrusion is not at all willy nilly. It has a precision that at a spiritual level equals the laws of physics. Not such a crazy idea when you consider that God is righteous and lawful, the One in whom we live and move. Indeed, it is probable that physical law has a spiritual matrix given that matter itself cannot be explained apart from.

truth be known,  This means that our every thought and feeling reflects a balance between God and the legal intrusions of the devil which occur consequent to a crack in one’s spiritual armor—biblically defined as the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, and so on including the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Note how all religions contradict one another—strong evidence that they are all counterfeits to the real McCoy: forgiveness of sin by faith in the pure and precious blood of Jesus—“not by works lest anyone should boast.”

Indeed, there is a reason the Bible has so much to say about the family given that demonic intrusions are directly linked to the breakdown of its spiritual armor—first and foremost with the father, for it is only when he fails to protect his family that demons are allowed to enter. However, to grasp the full significance of this culturally “outdated” theology, you must be prepared to see more sacred cows shattered—chief amongst them being the belief that the patriarchal model for the home is a relic of the misogynistic past. The bottom line? When a family deviates from the Bible’s now despised patriarchal (despised because it’s rationale is not understood) model, the door is opened wide, despite what an increasingly liberal world proclaims to be higher truth—something that is evident only when the spiritual nature of the big picture is acknowledged.

You may also be shocked to discover that in a related manner the mantra of “equality” between men and women, husbands and wives, is a major point of entry for the devil and his henchmen—to the measure that devil has distorted the true meaning of “equality.” This means that problems arise when gender differences are construed as signifying inequality. In truth, it is when the differences between men and women are applauded, that true equality and the unconditional love of God can be more fully experienced—underscoring the battle going on behind the scenes between God and the devil!

The reasoning goes as follows. When the father’s spiritual headship is usurped, he loses his God-given self-esteem while in turn his wife and children lose their most readily available source of self-esteem: the love of God—which flows from and through the father. He, according to the Bible, is the family’s primary spiritual fount. Demons, this means, camouflaged by the modern skewing of “emotion,” have entered the home—not if one is unlucky, but with a precision akin to the laws of physics. There is a cascading of demonic emotion throughout the family. The husband will find it impossible to love his wife as Biblically mandated—that is, “as Christ loves the Church.” He will resent her and she will resent him for every little thing misunderstanding that crops up during the day. The tone with which they speak to one another will change—meaning (given the big picture) that “unclean” or “evil” spirits will have gained access to the limbic system of their brains—to which core part of the brain there is a direct connection with the speech center! And, not coincidentally, this speech center and the limbic system are both connected to the neurons which mediate orgasm!

Brain anatomy, furthermore, takes on special meaning in light of the biblical claim that we are created “in the image of God…male and female.” Why? Because it is the quality of the interaction between husband and wife that represents the very presence of God—love itself, diminished only by an intrusion of demons which we experience as unpleasant emotions. Despite the liberal flaunting of equality, this all means that wives are not receiving from their husbands the unconditional love they deserve and which God intends for them to experience. And everything comes around that goes around—husbands likewise are not receiving the love they need from their wives—as intended by God to help men feel good about themselves as men.

The effect on children is but a logical extension of what is going on at the parental level: demons of low self-esteem, rejection, resentment and anger reverberating around the home like a ping pong ball. Demons having a field day. The upshot? Woe to the society that blurs the distinction between men and women. This blurring—in light of the big picture—compromises the presence of God in whose image we have been created, male and female.

The Trinity and the  presence of God.

We must think beyond the mere distinction between male and female insofar as God can only be present in a home to the measure that His triune nature parallels the triangular structure of the family (father-mother-child). That, you are about to see, is the perspective which fits best with the big picture being presented. This means something rather surprising: short of adhering to the biblical model of the home, it is unlikely if not impossible that a family can experience unconditional love, the “agape” love of God, as contrasted with the conditional love of a parent who demands obedience without providing the child a sense of worth needed for achieving that ideal. Conditional love creates in a child the sense that he or she has worth only by meeting parental expectations—as opposed to a parent who delights in a child unconditionally. It should be apparent that such love is only possible to the measure that God Himself lives within that parent. What follows is an expansion of the reasoning behind this claim.

The father, the head of the household, represents God the Father. The mother represents the more submissive Jesus in the likeness of God the Son, while the children represent the Holy Spirit through whom the love of God is transmitted from one generation to another. But before anyone goes bonkers at the thought of a wife being submissive to her husband, consider more deeply the biblical logic.

Despite how certain religious cults distort the logic of the biblical Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit define the threefold nature the one and only of God—much like mind, body and spirit are but aspects of a single person. As with our triune God, there is equality of worth between husband, wife and children—although their roles are very different. Let’s look a bit more deeply into what the Bible has to say about this equality.

For starters, “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.” Jesus, according to the Bible, is that word—“in all ways is submitted to the Father. Indeed, “everything that exists was created by and through Jesus.” Complete equality, just different roles. In the same manner, the wife has equality with yet is “in all ways submitted to her husband”—not coincidentally the exact same wording as describes the relationship of the Son to the Father. And could it be mere coincidence that all new life is created not in the father but in the womb of the mother? And lest we forget, the Bible teaches that Jesus, as the incarnated Son of God, is He in whom “the fullness of the Deity dwells.”

There is more. When asked by His disciples to “show us the Father,” Jesus said, “Don’t you understand? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father; you know me, henceforth you have seen Him and know Him.” In other words, there is absolute equality between them; Jesus, is the physical manifestation of the invisible Father. They are one in essence one and the same Person—“in whose image we have been made.”

Short of understanding the equality of essence and worth between father, mother and child and the parallel equality that exists between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, a power struggle will inevitably arise between the husband, wife and children—making the home more of a boxing match than a residence for a triune God. There may be some love, and where pride and will power are strong, the home may give the appearance of a loving home, but where the unconditional love of God is missing agape love will be compromised and there will be many problems, however cleverly suppressed or covered up. It is no coincidence that liberals, typically raised in broken or unbiblical homes, speak of misogyny—hating anything that smacks of patriarchy—failing to realize that their demons of guilt, hatred, unworth and self-rejection are being scapegoated onto Bible believers. The devil indeed has a way of fooling liberals into believing they have the higher ground, a deception that becomes evident by their intolerance of Christians and to the Bible as written. And In light of the big picture, it’s not hard to discern the spiritual powers behind such a deception.

It’s strange that submission and service are universally recognized as virtues which largely define the very nature of God, yet liberals hate the thought of a woman submitting to her husband. I’ll tell you why. Where love is blocked, hate fills in and they cannot submit to someone they hate—all occurring in a world divided between two kingdoms, God and the devil. More details will follow, but when the biblical model is rejected—the presence of God is compromised. Demons enter and pervert the foundational virtues of a stable society—submission and service—into something seemingly destructive and undesirable.

In a nutshell, when a husband fails to accept his God-given role or, for whatever reason a woman assumes that role, spiritually speaking the husband becomes the woman and the woman becomes the man—a reversal that with uncanny precision leads to problems and perversions consequent to the husband losing self-respect and, ironically, the woman losing her true source of power, her feminine allure. In a world where evil is waiting at the gates to intrude upon the presence and love of God.

The demonic origin of the LGBT movement 

Let’s see why gender confusion is a predictable consequence of a “reversed” home—not just because the Bible has a lot to say on the subject, but because a daughter identifies primarily with her mother who, spiritually speaking, has become the father; and a son identifies with a father who, from a biblical perspective, has become the mother. These changes result in children who are biologically one sex but spiritually another—a reversal that in due time affects their choice of a mate. With the passing of generations, these conflicting identifications become legitimized as “genetic.” It it is not long before the family, triune in nature, becomes socially redefined. And speaking of irony, with few if any exceptions, same-sex partnerships are built upon one of the partners being dominant and the other more submissive—thereby reestablishing the biblical model of a patriarchal “heterosexual” home!

What about demons? Is there evidence that reversed individuals are actually demonized? Yes, if we accept that destructive emotions are demonic and identical to the unclean or evil spirits mentioned frequently in the Bible—and as the difficulty in explaining them from a materialistic point of view would suggest. Gays have statistically more anger and depression as compared with other populations and their suicide rate is exceptionally high. It is also a fact that lesbians make up about 40% of female prison inmates. The evidence, then, corroborates that spiritually-reversed persons are in fact demonized. The real problem is overcoming our very negative, stereotypical reaction to the word “demon”—a knee-jerk response pointing to the success the devil has had in disguising his presence in an ongoing battle for the souls of men and women.

There is also cultural evidence. Studies show that, as a group, liberals attend church less often than conservatives. Other studies show that they donate less of their personal income to charity—suggesting that, as a result of having been raised in an atmosphere of conditional love and rejection, they assuage their guilt (and assumption that they are unworthy people) by their social agendas—to the point, as noted, of coercing the rest of the population to fall in line. In one form or another their demons of anger and hatred, often repressed, drive them to attack anything that gets in their way—to the point of legally outlawing politically-incorrect speech. Consider what is happening on many college campuses where violence is now justified for the purpose of shutting down free speech, once the hallmark of this country. These protestors, with few or no exceptions, are liberal and, if you questioned them, would dismiss the Bible as written by a bunch of misogynists and hatemongers—and not the Spirit of God. It is, when all is said and done, one’s perception of the Bible which is at the root of the widening sociopolitical divide which so blatantly defines our current culture—easy to understand if one looks at the world through the lens of an ongoing struggle between good and evil for the minds and souls of humans.

That being said, is it possible, with or without the casting-out-of-demons, for one’s acquired biological identity to become realigned with one’s biological identity? There are innumerable examples of such reversion in the Christian literature; and there would be many more examples if Christian ministries understood the big picture and could acknowledge that all believers have the authority to “demolish strongholds in the mind which go contrary to the knowledge of God.” Just as we hate cancer and not the person in its demonic grip, Christians should (and most do) love those who are spiritually reversed. It’s just sad that, as the Bible puts it, “many are being destroyed for a lack of knowledge.”

Is the ministry of deliverance relevant today? 

Above and beyond the counterfeit ritual of exorcism—which originated with the devil with the intent of frightening everyone away from the straightforward, everyday ministry of deliverance that follows instinctively from knowing that, as a believer, one’s sins have been forgiven—past, present and future. Ever since the Temple veil was torn down the middle at the instant of Jesus’ death, believers now have direct access to God, no longer requiring an intermediary priest or “Saint.” Jesus is our High Priest, “the only mediator between God and men.” All believers are “saints”—having been washed in the blood of Jesus.

Bottom line? The deliverance ministry is as relevant as one wants to make it depending upon one’s ability to muster up indignation against the enemy—indignation that should follow from knowing that as believers we have been “clothed with the righteousness of God.” Sadly, liberals have been “blinded by the god of this world” and haven’t a clue as to the availability of such righteousness by simply inviting Jesus into their hearts as their God and Savior. Instead, they promote a counterfeit religion of political correctness where they claim righteousness by their good deeds—deeds driven by pride and which the Bible refers to as  “filthy rags” in the eyes of God. Their theology is the end-result of what I envision to be an incestuous imbalance, where parental reversal and conditional love retains a strong need to be loved. And since the opposite-sex parent has a similar need, the stage is set for an unhealthy intimacy between parent and child. More often than not, this imbalance is disguised as uncommon closeness but in homes where egos are weak and emotional needs are great, actual incest results—either between father and daughter or between the daughter and some other non-nuclear family member. I recall one woman who slept with her father well into her college years, essentially replacing her mother as her father’s mate.

The point is that in today’s culture, most homes have some measure of incestuous imbalance which means that agape love loses out to conditional love. Big deal? Yes, because this compromise makes it very difficult for a child to experience intimacy with God the Father—Abba, which in the Greek means “Papa.” Which, I believe, is the major reason liberals, whether or not they call themselves Christian, have a disdain for the Bible as written, and cherry pick teachings which fit their “emotional” needs. Likewise, they ridicule the idea that demons are real or have any relevance in today’s culture, with the possible exception of a causative role in violent or crazy people. Otherwise, the onus would be on them to repent, cast the demons out (as needed) and get close to Daddy. To sum, they have little choice but to push a liberal doctrine and coercively, to the point of taking legal action against those who disagree with them, do anything and everything to keep their demons of guilt and unworth deeply repressed.

It is not coincidental that the suicide rate is soaring among girls who have just experienced their first menstrual period and have become physiologically capable of rivaling their mothers. Some develop a protective hatred toward their father, not realizing that the real culprit energizing their developing liberal theology is a cluster of demons hidden deep within their subconscious minds—the kind Jesus said “come out only with fasting and prayer.”

The truth about liberal agendas

A leading American liberal proclaimed on national television recently that “being a Christian should disqualify someone from public office”—a good example of how demons (manifesting as feelings and thoughts) have persuaded many that tolerance for anything and everything is good and that “narrow-minded” Christianity is evil—thereby, in effect, evading guilt by eliminating sin. As the Bible warns, they will “call evil good and good evil.” Instead of dealing with their own sinful nature or promoting the saving of souls, liberals become obsessed with saving the planet, the whales or whatever—despite the clear biblical teaching that one-third of this Earth will soon be burned to a crisp and in due time replaced with a new Earth. As for climate change, liberals are now threatening legal action against anyone who rejects their ideology.

It all comes into sharp focus in light of the big picture and the biblical teaching that Satan, “the father of lies,” is the “god of this world”—together with the big-picture assumption that a battle between God and the devil is taking place behind the scenes for the eternal destiny of humankind.

The big picture is helpful in understanding why it is that, with few exceptions, liberals come from homes where the father was spiritually weak, alcoholic or otherwise missing; as it becomes apparent that liberals, especially women, take up the gauntlet and become the father they wanted but never had, doing their best to be an advocate for women’s rights and the needy—seemingly a good thing but a lifestyle emphasis which, to the devil’s delight, eludes the spiritual rebirth needed for attaining the righteousness of God.

Some liberal groups are intent upon eliminating all gender distinction. And there are those who are pushing to eliminate the family altogether as the foundational unit of society—failing to recognize that the love of a triune Creator, true agape love, can only flow to and through succeeding generations in biblically-modeled homes, this being the only way to prevent the intrusion of demons and a blurring of the differences between male and female—differences which define the very nature of God and upon which the propagation of human life depends.

What about other world religions?

It is politically incorrect to say, but all other religions are counterfeits to the real McCoy— forgiveness of sin by faith in the blemish-free shed blood of Jesus. None of these counterfeits offers absolution from guilt and without exception their followers are left with uncertainty regarding their eternal destiny, a scenario that intensifies their demons of anger, fear and hatred—setting the stage for despair or horrific acts of violence in the name of a counterfeit God. The devil, a master of the martial arts, then implicates all religions as evil—creating a huge population of high-minded liberals who have disdain for the Bible and who believe in a more tolerant god of their own making.

It is a fact that with the exception of Christianity all religions teach that entrance into heaven is based on some sanctioned behavior—the opposite of biblical Christianity which teaches that “a person is justified by faith apart from the works of the law.” When Jesus was asked “what are the works one must do to be saved?” he answered:  “the work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent” (Himself). That is in sharp strong contrast to the Golden Rule as promoted by those having a liberal mindset but who ignore or deny the centerpiece: the sacrificial Lamb of God and the belief that our sins have been nailed to the Cross. That’s the rebirth needed for eternal salvation. Yet, much like the Pharisees claimed Jesus had a demon, liberals still denounce his divinity as a fraud!

Given the big picture and the high probability that emotions and thoughts “going contrary to the knowledge of God” are the evil spirits of the Bible—it’s not hard to see where this deception comes from! Scripture is clear (e.g., Mark and Luke) that there is no distinction whatsoever between unclean (evil) spirits and demons—a conclusion that fits nicely with the Bible’s many references to fear and other emotions as “spirits,” not to mention the high frequency with which, as noted earlier, Jesus and His disciples cast them out of people. We have a choice—months or years of psychotherapy or the Gospel message, repentance and, as needed, the casting out of spirits.

Materialists claim that the evidence proves evolution is true when it is apparent to an unbiased observer that most if not all evidence can be interpreted in a way that fits one’s personal worldview. It is a fact that the “proofs” for evolution are in fact a patchy amalgam of bits and pieces of evidence favoring their presuppositions. It is not coincidental that their history includes one hoax after another in their zeal to prove the irrelevance of God. Here again the big picture is helpful for it’s not difficult to see how such irrelevance parallels the reason the devil was thrown down to Earth. He, too, wanted to replace God, making it highly probable that the devil is behind making mutation and millions of years into a god.

What about the geological record? Doesn’t it prove the theory of evolution? Yes, sort of, to someone whose presuppositions are favored by such “proof.” But, in truth, the fossil record is exactly what you would expect following the rapid drainage of a worldwide, biblical flood—fossils laid down in layers and many marine fossils on the tops of mountains around the world. Was the Grand Canyon created by a little water over a lot time or a lot of water over a small period of time. The geological evidence strongly favors the latter point of view.

Could the big picture be flawed?

What if we cast out what we think is a demon when it is not really a demon at all? A Christian friend of mine, a psychiatrist, believes demons in people suffering emotionally are possible but extremely rare and that any relief from casting them out can be easily explained by the power of suggestion. In a different forum with more space and time we could attempt to tweak out the difference between the power of suggestion and faith; but let’s assume for the sake of argument that in a given situation a presumed demon is no a demon at all. Only God knows for sure, but if we take authority over something that can be loosely defined as “going contrary to the knowledge of God,” I suspect He will be pleased that we are willing to stand on Calvary’s costly victory. Which is why I believe that with few or no exceptions such perceived evil is a demon. Look at it this way, if we back off, concerned that something may not actually be a demon and are afraid we will look silly, we will forever remain hesitant to deal with any evil directly—always doubting.

The gift of discernment is needed. However, for me, this gift is not so much to tell if evil is present as to identify it amongst many possibilities. Anybody filled with the Holy Spirit is going to sense the presence of evil. The problem is to identify this evil in a way that musters up enough indignation to take aggressive action against it. It is all too easy to assume that victory requires more time in prayer or in the Bible. But it is a fine line between legalism with its demons of fear, pride, anger, etc., and the obvious value of being in the Word. The bottom line is that if we know who we are are in Christ, we will not need a lesson in theology to muster up indignation against the enemy.

And just for the record, I have many times cast out of myself or a client what to all appearances was just some mild resentment. The result is nearly always the same—yawning, nasal discharge or some other physical sign that the energy holding the resentment stronghold together has been released and has found an outlet. Here’s the point. When casting out something that is almost surely a demon if there ever was a demon—for example, a spirit of lust—the physiological signs of deliverance are the same if more intense. The problem is not so much with discernment as with the Church having been brainwashed into accepting evolutionary doctrine and the word of man as being more trustworthy than the Word of God.

What about psychotherapy? It can help up to a point and sometimes, insofar as the sovereign Spirit of God is moving, dramatically. And it is noteworthy that many times, I have witnessed in myself and others all the typical signs of deliverance without casting out a single demon. They have nevertheless departed. The truth sets us free and Jesus is that truth! The problem is that Christian leaders and therapists have been raised in reversed homes and have demons of their own—such that, despite much wisdom floating around, therapist and client become mired in a game of demonic ping pong. Be not misled, all victory is tied to repentance which is tied in turn to receiving the Good News—the Gospel of Jesus. But even if a full-gospel church is available, it is likely that its leaders will cast out demons only from those appearing to be a little crazy—in contrast to the high frequency of this ministry for Jesus and his disciples.

So, is there any wiggle room for a big picture different from that presented here? I don’t think so. Logic, reason and the Word all jibe— providing compelling evidence that the big picture presented is a revelation from God. Look at it this way. Jesus came down to Earth “to destroy the works of the devil.” This was accomplished when with his dying breath, he proclaimed: “It is finished.” Since then, our problems our correctly viewed as linked to persistent sin, especially the sin of unbelief. As the Word proclaims, The double-minded shall not receive anything from God.”

Just keep in mind that evil can enter only through cracks in our spiritual armor. The New Testament sums up this armor: “Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”


Looking ahead

Readers interested in gender issues in the light of the big picture here presented will find the Epilogue to my book, Mind, Matter and God: Exploding the Myth of Evolution, to be of special interest—entitled “Gender Confusion and the Collapse of America.” The rest of the book is highly philosophical and theoretical in an attempt to explain consciousness by a perfect synthesis of science and religion.

Two more books are in the works: God and Brain: Explaining Mind in a Universe of Matter (a sleeker version of my 2011 (749 page) book, Journey to the Center of the Brain); and hopefully this year a book with a tentative title of “Demons and Modern Psychology.

Anyone wanting proof that the Bible is the true, inerrant Word of God can request my Theomatics Report (Bible Mathematics). Just click on the “Contact” button at the top of the page to make that request.

And for anyone wanting to learn more about salvation or what it means to be “born again”—and why Jesus is the only door to God and Heaven—I recommend you call the following number: (210) 491-5100 (John Hagee Ministries) and order the DVD entitled “That Rips It.” Or, if you want a quick, sure way to get right with God, say the following prayer from your heart:

Hello God, 

I know that I have sinned and fallen short of your glory. Yes, I believe Christ died for me personally—even if I were the only person on Earth—and that by acknowledging my wretchedness and accepting Him as my God and Savior I am from this moment on cleansed by faith from all sin and, thanks to Jesus, now have a personal relationship with God. Then, after being born-again in this manner, should I falter, as I’m sure I will, I will remind myself that I have, in the only eyes that really count, been cleansed of all sin by the precious blood of Jesus. And when the devil tries to convince me that I am unworthy and still a sinner, I will remind myself that I cannot be both a sinner and cleansed by faith at the same time. As St. Paul said, “When I sin, it is no longer I who sins but sin that dwells within me.”  As for me, I have been redeemed by the blemish free blood of the Lamb of God! 

Going forward I will, by the power your Holy Spirit, rest in you, knowing that by my decision to trust in Jesus I have become the “righteousness of God” such that forever more, my sin has been removed from me “as far as the East is from the West.” I understand that now when you look down upon me you no longer see my sin, but the blood of Jesus which covers and atones for my sin. I will praise you daily and give you all the glory for my victories. 

And one last thought, God—I pray that when I get lax in trusting in you and see nothing but my own continuing flaws, that you will remind me to keep “looking to you as if in a mirror” so that, as promised in your Word, you will “change me—step by step, from glory to glory into the image of your beloved Son.” I pray that, toward that end, you will move me to study and hide your Word in my heart as a shield against the fiery darts of the devil. I pray that I will repent of any failure to keep looking to you, rather than myself, for victory—that Jesus will become my all in all, my everything. 

God bless all who can say the above prayer from their heart. Just keep in mind that it’s not what you say or how you say it, but what’s in your heart and whether or not you are willing to repent, acknowledge Jesus as God, Lord and Savior, and believe that being without sin, He rose from the dead. Don’t be obsessed about proving that, as a new Christian, you are worthy of God’s love. He died for you because of your sin—past, present and future. Jesus told the thief on the Cross that He would see him in paradise that day. There was no time to prove his worth; he just knew that his worth was in Jesus and Jesus alone.

About Glenn Dudley

GLENN DUDLEY became interested in the mind-body problem as a Pre-Med student at the University of Colorado where he emphasized studies in physics, philosophy, and Judeo-Christian theology. He received his M.D. degree from the University of Colorado in 1969. After a mixed Psychiatry/Medicine internship, he worked for two years at MIT's Neurosciences Research Program -- a think tank whose objective was that of understanding how the hard-wiring of the nervous system mediates thought and emotion. Then, he spent a year in the Department of Psychiatry at Tufts Medical School in Boston reviewing the world's literature on psychological and emotional predispositions to cancer. From 1975 to his retirement in 1998 he practiced primary care medicine.
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