God and the Anatomy of the Brain:

Explaining Mind in a Universe of Matter

This book is the first to bring science and religion logically together – proving by the structure and function of the brain that consciousness cannot be coherently explained apart from the existence and immanence of God. The hypothesis presented is that God, not matter, is fundamental – so fundamental that exactly as the Bible claims, “we live and move and have our being in God.”

This perspective alone allows us to envision an image, being finite, as the means by which the Second Law of Thermodynamics (tendency toward increasing disorder) is restrained.

The bottom line is that the seeing-of-an-image is the very process of tending the body (probabilistically) toward its own finite survival–thereby averting the infinitude of nonexistence against which possibility the self contrastingly sees itself as finite or “conscious.” All nicely proven by the anatomy of the brain! The “hard question” of science is finally resolved!!!

Given their ultimate reference to and dependence upon to infinity and to God, explain for the very first time how sensory events become conscious – the so-called “hard” question of science.

Without losing the focus on real anatomy and physiology, it becomes apparent in reading this book that we have necessarily–by scientific necessity–been created in the image of God.

Reviews of the book from which this book is a condensed version:

“A five-hundred-word review can scarcely broach the magnitude of this book.”
– ForeWord Reviews

“A fascinating and persuasive book.” – Co-Editor, Encyclopedia of Neuroscience

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