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For those who might want to dig more deeply into this subject and get the “big picture,”  here is a brief description of my latest book (soon to be posted on Amazon)


Exploding the Myth of Evolution

Be among the first to understand why consciousness must be the very presence of God, the one in whom, according to the Bible, “we live and move and have our being.” From quantum physics to cosmology to neuroscience the evidence is overwhelming that consciousness can be explained only if God, not matter, is fundamental—the light by whom and through whom we see ourselves and the world. Indeed, it becomes obvious from this more godly perspective that an image, being expectantly finite, is the actual means by which a universal tendency toward increasing disorder (the Second Law) is contained and the weightless infinitude of nonexistence thwarted—irrefutably proving the existence of a personal, observing God as defined in the Bible. The limbic design of the human brain proves these claims beyond a shadow of a doubt as Darwin is unequivocally dethroned–given that an image as the restrainer of disorder must precede the origin and creation of matter. The actual limbic mechanism is carefully explained.

But there is more! Readers will be stunned by the sociological significance of a more biblical way of looking at the human brain. For example, gender confusion and disease inevitably result when the biblical model of paternal authority is rejected and the unconditional (agape) love of God the Father–expressed through the emotional limbic brain–is equivalently compromised. Liberals will be outraged as their political and theological castle of tolerance for anything and everything is scientifically demolished. God wins, the devil loses. And the proof is in the pudding: the human brain and the limbic narrowing of an expectancy gap to which infinity is implicit and in which gap the self resides in the eternal “now” of time–the very habitat of God.



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