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For those desiring the big picture, including proof that consciousness cannot be explained apart from God, here is the Amazon Description of my latest book.

God and the Limbic Brain

  How the Anatomy of the Brain

Explains Consciousness and Rules Out Evolution

Written for those trained or untrained in science, this book explains the true origin and meaning of consciousness—not just a brilliant description of it as other books have done, but the one true answer to what consciousness is and how it connects with matter. The author has achieved this long-sought objective by using a “circle-dot” approach—a cryptic reference to what is common to all conscious experience: a “bubble” of awareness encompassing a focal image; then, by applying this simple three-dimensional graphic to the four-dimensional brain, proving that consciousness is the supreme reality overseeing an opposition of tendencies toward on the one hand the infinite (symbolized by an edgeless circle) and on the other a discrete and finite image. Brain anatomy, carefully analyzed, proves that it is the incipient absence of an image which regressively releases and channels energy into creating the image as an anticipated state. The significance is easily missed, but this means that an image is the sole means by which an otherwise accelerating tendency toward increasing disorder is restrained. Which, in turn, means that consciousness is essential for containing the Second Law of Thermodynamics and thwarting the blackness of nothingness—irrefutably proving the existence of God. The book analyzes the many angles and proofs for this claim.

The logic is tied to the brain’s anticipatory limbic design by which weightlessness (nonexistence) is thwarted by the limbic narrowing of an expectancy gap—to which infinity is implicit and against which possibility the self sees itself as finite or “conscious.” The further inference is equally mind-boggling—as it becomes apparent that the energy transformations of the equation E=mc2 are meaningless apart from an image and the light of God. Indeed, forays into quantum physics and cosmology reveal a stunning parallel between light and consciousness—both being equally dependent upon an annihilating “collision” between the finite and the infinite.

Darwin is dethroned. Why? Because an image as the interface between the finite and the infinite, must, by scientific necessity, preexist the creation of matter. Creationism becomes the more scientific perspective. And much more, ranging between the procreative significance of each and every image to the stunning parallel that exists between orgasms and supernovas—both the result of a crescendoing tension between the finite and the infinite as housed in the brain’s autonomic “limbic” anatomy and the cosmos, respectively. Just further evidence that we have been made “in the image of God”—this being the only way to explain how a mere tendency toward weightlessness can organize and shunt energy into an image, thereby thwarting the blackness of infinity.

The author’s lifelong zeal for bridging the gap between mind and body earned him a position in MIT’s prestigious Neurosciences Research Program in 1970 and election to the Society for Neuroscience in 1972.


A previous book (776 pages) has a more in-depth analysis of brain anatomy and how the overall design of the human brain proves the existence of God and explains consciousness:


Journey to the Center of the Brain

Explaining Mind in a Universe of Matter


Either of these books proves unequivocally that, exactly as the Bible claims, we “live and move and have our being in God” — this  being the only way to explain the limbic logic of the brain.  These books were written for the average armchair philosopher interested in understanding the ancient mystery of how mind and matter are  related — yet contain enough detailed anatomical proof to satisfy any hard-nosed neuroscientist or psychologist.


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