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Welcome to God and Brain

Read either of these books and you will be among the first to understand the definitive, true solution to the ancient  mystery of mind and matter. Here is the Amazon Book Description.


Consciousness Finally Explained

A Perfect Synthesis of God and Brain






This book solves the ancient mystery of how matter becomes conscious, a major breakthrough based on the way brain anatomy demands that God—not matter—is fundamental. Written for scientists, theologians and armchair philosophers, the gist of the argument is that the seeing-of-an-image, being finite and highly ordered, is the event by which an opposite tendency toward ever-increasing disorder is contained—thereby thwarting what is, by implication, the weightless infinitude of nonexistence. Consciousness, then, is the reality overseeing the relationship between the finite and the infinite, and must therefore be God—necessarily a Person since every image requires a transcendent observer.

Definitive anatomical proof is found in the brain’s limbic design and the way the so-called “limbic brain” informs the motor system how to narrow an expectancy gap—a gap representing a measure of impending disorder and, were this disorder not contained by an image, infinity as well. Disorder constitutes a regression by which energy is released and channeled into the movement which creates or sustains an anticipated image—the incipient absence of which has set up a contrast with infinity in the first place. This means that the very nature of God is encoded within the design of the brain—there being no other way to explain how a mere tendency toward nonexistence can physically impact the brain to create an anticipated state or “image.” Indeed, the book’s forays into quantum physics reveal a stunning parallel between the regressive release of photons as the carrier of energy, and the “light of self” as the carrier of similarly released energy in the brain. Not coincidentally, the Bible defines God as “light.”

Darwin is knocked off his throne as evolution is definitively ruled out by the fact the conversion of energy into matter requires an image—and therefore preexistent mind. With the mechanism being well delineated, creationism becomes the more scientific perspective. The book explores the further ramifications, presenting strong neurological evidence that we have been created “in the image of God” in whom, according to the Bible, “we live and move and have our existence”—the light by which the self becomes illuminated to itself as the surround for an image.

And there is more. For example, the limbic mediation of an orgasm parallels the sequences of a dying star (supernova) prior to its implosion and the emission of heavy molecules: the “semen” needed for creating life—a celestial orgasm which God surely enjoys! The bottom line? Consciousness cannot exist apart from a clear distinction between the sexes, mirroring the nature of God who “created male and female in His image.”

The Epilogue proposes a mind-numbing analogy between the Trinity and the family triangle such that any deviation from a biblical flow of authority compromises the presence of God—and, equivalently, the efficacy by which the limbic brain converts energy into the movement which sustains the body mass. E = mc2 at work within the brain—but with ‘c’ being the “light of God” which we experience as consciousness. God is also defined as “love”—compromised to the measure that the Biblical model for the home is distorted. The good news is that this distortion allows us to explain and unify everything from gender confusion to the alarming increase in autoimmune diseases as the limbic corollary to low self esteem and self-rejection—all occurring, not coincidentally, with the increasing acceptance of evolution and increasing disdain for and separation from God.

A ground-breaking and possibly history-making book.


My previous book (778 pages) is a more in-depth analysis of brain anatomy and how the overall design of the human brain proves the existence of God and explains consciousness:


Journey to the Center of the Brain

Explaining Mind in a Universe of Matter


Either of these books proves unequivocally that, exactly as the Bible claims, we “live and move and have our being in God” — this  being the only way to explain the energy-regulating (cortico-limbic) design of the brain.  These books were written for the average armchair philosopher interested in understanding the ancient mystery of how mind and matter are  related — yet contain enough detailed anatomical proof to satisfy any hard-nosed neuroscientist or psychologist.


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