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 Read either of these books and you will be among the first to understand the solution to the ancient  mystery of mind and matter. Here is the Amazon Book Description.


God and the Limbic Brain

  How the Anatomy of the Brain Explains Consciousness and Rules Out Evolution


This book is the perfect antidote to atheists such as Dawkins, Dennett and Coyne who claim that religion is inflicting grave harm on society. In stark contrast, Dudley proves—on the basis of a startling new insight into the brain’s limbic system—that the God of the Bible is absolutely essential for explaining consciousness. He reasons that the anticipatory nature of the limbic brain makes sense only if consciousness is the very presence of God—defined biblically as the light in whom “we live and move and have our being.” It is illogical, he says, to think that mind is an emergent property of objective matter, and far more logical to believe that matter is an emergent property of mind. Indeed, the book’s forays into quantum physics and cosmology prove that the equation E = mc2 is meaningless apart from an image. In fact, an image, thanks to the way its finite nature narrows a tiny expectancy gap and blunts an opposing tendency toward weightless infinity, becomes the sole means by which the Second Law of Thermodynamics is contained and the body mass sustained—something only possible if an image is literally the interface between order and disorder, the finite and the infinite and God, not matter, is fundamental. Readers will discover that, indeed, spacetime itself defines the very essence of an image.

To the chagrin of the atheistic mind, creationism becomes the more scientific perspective—as readers discover that the Universe was created by a mechanism identical to the image-based, limbic transformation of energy; and people were “spoken” into being by the language and words of DNA. Dudley explores how supernoval explosions and the creation of life precisely parallel the brain’s ejaculatory sequences as a function of the opposing divisions of the autonomic nervous system. Indeed, the brain’s orgasmic center is smack dab in the middle of the brain where, if allowed access by the frontal brain, all sensations flow prior to their synthesis into an immersive image. The “hard question” of science is resolved: qualia become conscious by the light of God. Frontal brain activity is but a sieve modulating which sensations from every nook and cranny of the body mass are allowed entrance into the limbic energy-regulating funnel—much like how, biblically speaking, only cleansed individuals can enter the “holy of holies.”

Adding a sociological twist, the Epilogue, “Gender Confusion and the Collapse of America,” will persuade even the most diehard skeptic that God exists and that His Word is true—no less mathematically precise than an atom or rainbow. We learn why the brain functions harmoniously and the body is free of disease only if the family—father, mother, child—is an accurate representation of the biblical Trinity. It becomes apparent that the Universe was created exclusively for you and me and that science has yet to discover that that their “anthropic principle” is God Himself. A provocative and enjoyable read!


My previous book (776 pages) is a more in-depth analysis of brain anatomy and how the overall design of the human brain proves the existence of God and explains consciousness:


Journey to the Center of the Brain

Explaining Mind in a Universe of Matter


Either of these books proves unequivocally that, exactly as the Bible claims, we “live and move and have our being in God” — this  being the only way to explain the limbic logic of the brain.  These books were written for the average armchair philosopher interested in understanding the ancient mystery of how mind and matter are  related — yet contain enough detailed anatomical proof to satisfy any hard-nosed neuroscientist or psychologist.


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