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Here is the Amazon Description of my latest book, the quickest way to understand the gist of my mind-boggling discovery–the true and only logical solution to the ancient mystery of how mind connects to the brain. The book was written for both scientists and armchair philosophers, anyone curious about where their consciousness comes from and what it actually is.

God and the Limbic Brain

  How the Anatomy of the Brain

Explains Consciousness and Rules Out Evolution

This book explains the true origin and meaning of consciousness. Not just a clever description of it as found in many other books, but the one true answer to what consciousness really is and how it connects with the physical brain. The book achieves this distinction through the use of a highly introspective “circle-dot” diagram—referring to the way consciousness, without exception, manifests as a “bubble” of awareness surrounding a smaller, focal image. By discovering the exact parallel in the brain to this common perceptual denominator, consciousness is finally, fully and logically explained.

It took the author many years to be persuaded that he was not deluded or exaggerating the relevance of this parallel. The relevance is now clear: the ancient mystery, now referred to as the “hard question” of science, is logically resolved. A closer look at an image (the “dot”), being finite, allows the reader to grasp how consciousness is fundamentally a relationship between the finite and the infinite—the latter being not just empty space but God Himself insofar as every image requires transcendent mind. This understanding nicely explains why all awareness is universally experienced as an edgeless circle (or sphere) and a discrete smaller image—the very perception of which, a limbic function, being that which restrains a universal tendency toward increasing disorder, the Second Law.

The key event is probabilistic: in the incipient absence of an image there is a tendency within the brain and body for increasing disorder and, by implication, an accelerating probability toward a cold and massless nonexistence. This regressive change releases the energy needed for creating one’s anticipated state or “image,” the perception of which narrows an expectancy gap to which infinity is implicit. The limbic brain mediates this regulation of weight and temperature and could not function in this manner were the very nature of God not encoded within neural design, a truth so far resisted by mainstream science because of its need to eliminate the relevance of God—all methodically explained in the book.

The author’s zeal for bridging the gap between mind and brain earned him a position in MIT’s prestigious Neurosciences Research Program in 1970 and election to the Society for Neuroscience in 1972.


A previous book (776 pages) has a more in-depth analysis of brain anatomy and how the overall design of the human brain proves the existence of God and explains consciousness:


Journey to the Center of the Brain

Explaining Mind in a Universe of Matter


Either of these books proves unequivocally that, exactly as the Bible claims, we “live and move and have our being in God” — this  being the only way to explain the limbic logic of the brain.  These books were written for the average armchair philosopher interested in understanding the ancient mystery of how mind and matter are  related — yet contain enough detailed anatomical proof to satisfy any hard-nosed neuroscientist or psychologist.


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