Not just another book in its genre, but the best and only way to explain consciousness. Go to Amazon, “LOOK INSIDE” and read the first page and back cover to find out why, and why the “Mind-Body Problem”–the “hard question of science”–is fully resolved with a new understanding of brain anatomy.

The bottom line is that the Bible is true: God, not matter, is fundamental. The origin of mind simply cannot be explained from an evolutionary perspective. Why exactly? Because such a perspective does not allow for any understanding for how something came from nothing, as both modern physics and the Bible proclaim.

The truth, strongly confirmed by the anatomy of the brain, is that God is so infinitely fundamental that all physical order is totally dependent upon its anticipation, by faith, through tiny instants of time. This requires an image in the mind of God. The “limbic” design of the brain explains how and why this claim is true and why the brain has one thing in mind, the perpetuation of the body mass–making the formula E=mc2 fundamental to consciousness itself.

It follows that everyone’s awareness “bubble” precisely represents a tussle between the finite and the infinite, a tussle requiring transcendent mind–the mind of an infinite God! Read the book for all the exciting details and to understand why all of this reasoning requires the neural mechanism for orgasm to be situated at the very center of the brain, why in fact every image is an orgasm in the making–in the image of God.


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