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Welcome to



I’m aware that some scientists and philosophers believe that consciousness, not matter, is ultimate reality – while believing that a biblical God is completely unnecessary for explaining the Universe. The problem here is that an image by definition requires an observer – a fact which should cause every student of mind to weigh in on what the Bible actually teaches about God; for the design of the brain makes sense only if we are in fact created in the image of a transcendent Observer – thereby giving us the capacity for thwarting our own nonexistence in a manner analogous to the way God sustains the physical Universe. The central nugget is that we must, exactly as the Bible proclaims, “live and move and have our being in God”[i] if consciousness and its dependence upon an image is to be explained. Every image needs a surround (or, a “bubble of awareness”), and if we are to remain conscious every surround needs an image. To paraphrase a quote from the famous psychologist Koffka, “Mere ground would be equivalent to no consciousness at all.”[ii]

Beyond this rather self-evident insight, readers – by the time they finish reading this book – will hopefully glimpse something far more extraordinary – that in a personal, God-centered universe the fusion between an image and its surrounding field of awareness is thermodynamically indistinguishable from the interface between order and disorder – something possible only if God, not matter, is fundamental. Think about this for a moment. When we perceive an image, we are restraining a universal tendency toward increasing disorder. In other words, an image is not epiphenomenal to what is going on in the brain. It is the interface! Further, as readers of Journey will discover, the relationship between order and disorder is exactly equivalent to the relationship between past and future – proving, incidentally, that eternity is the habitat of God.[iii]

If, at this point, there are readers who insist there is a way to get around the need for a biblical God, they are in for a surprise – tightly linked to the fact that the weight- and heat-regulating centers of the brain, known respectfully as the ponderostatic and thermoregulatory nuclei of the “limbic brain,” are found smack dab in the middle of the brain, right next to the center which initiates the movement needed for creating and sustaining an image! The presence of this image thwarts a process that would otherwise result in the weightless, energy-less infinitude of nonexistence. Again, in the image of God – who similarly sustains the physical Universe!

A further intriguing insight (and a hint as to what is to come) comes from neuroscience; namely, that every image “out there” has a neurological connection to, and is actually a projection of the procreative organs of the body “down below” – thereby assuring that the body mass as a whole (to which every image is also fused) will be sustained in the long term, generation by generation.

However, everything makes sense only if the transcendent self – and equivalently the finite body – are forever tending (implicitly in the absence of an image), toward nonexistence. In a nutshell there is, prior to the successful creation or sustaining of an anticipated state (an image), a tiny gap between the actual body mass and what, in the incipient absence of this image, is an impending state of weightlessness. This weightless state is “anticipated” in the qualified sense of a tendency toward. In a personal, God-centered Universe “anticipation” and a tendency toward turn out to be one and the same! At any point in time the anticipatory mismatch or “gap” between what is actual and what is anticipated is probabilistic – which means that in the incipient absence of a finite image as anticipated the probability accelerates that the body mass will become disordered, and eventually if the absence persists, weightless (i.e., nonexistent). The reader will see that this tendency is bound to the energy-regulating design of the limbic brain – and is inseparable from what we call sentience or “feeling” – much as our body would feel heavier in an elevator that is accelerating upward. “Feeling” is not epiphenomenal to brain activity, as a materialist would suspect. Rather, being fused with a finite image, it is, in a God-centered Universe, literally the interface between order and disorder – and, more explicitly, the very process of creating order (as readers will eventually see, by the way an image minimizes an expectancy gap, a related tendency toward increasing disorder and, equivalently, regressive, energy-releasing disparity between the anticipated and actual body mass.

The laws of physics depend similarly upon a tiny gap between an anticipated and actual (current) state – the image. Equivalently, every awareness bubble is dependent upon this gap. This gap continually contrasts the transcendent self with infinity and, which is the same, its potential nonexistence. This gap requires the light of God[iv] – as the ultimate means by which an image and the surrounding self are illuminated as “conscious.” This illumination (not too bright or too dim) depends upon one’s success at slowing the Second Law with such success being exactly equal to the optimization of a contrast between the finite and the infinite and/or the efficacy of sustaining an optimal expectancy gap. The logic is flawless assuming that God, not matter, is fundamental.

One quick thought. If at this early stage everything seems a little too esoteric or deep to follow, just do your best to follow the gist – repetition is very likely going to clear everything up. It is very, very difficult to adjust our thinking to a completely new paradigm and the full implications of a personal, God-centered Universe where matter is not fundamental. We’re not just talking about the importance of God, but a Universe in which he is all in all – the core reality in whom we actually exist. God is not way “out there” somewhere, but is omnipresent – so much more fundamental than mere matter that words fail.

It is encouraging that scientists and mathematicians, despite their choice to exclude God by proclamation, are increasingly referring to an “anthropic principle” in attempting to explain the origin and meaning of the universe – a term that, despite its pleasant ring, is just another way to avoid giving glory to God – exactly as the Bible forewarns.[v] The very idea that naturalistic science is a logical superlative to God is a mere assumption – the fabrication of embittered minds as you will see in the blog postings.

[i] Acts 17:28.

[ii] Journey, 288.

[iii] Exodus 20:3.

[iv] 1 John 1:5.

[v] Romans 1:23.

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21 Responses to HOME

  1. amber April 17, 2012 at 9:46 am #

    What a great concept

  2. Jeane April 19, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

    God promised that knowledge would be increased. Glenn Dudley is truly blessed by God and given great insight. Thanks for the years of study that made your writings come forth in view of the Holy Bible, God’s wonderful word.

  3. Gareth November 2, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    Oh why do I feel compelled to respond to this crap?

    “God experiences orgasmic pleasure in the life and death cycle of every star”

    If this gem has validity then God is biological and capable of getting off, is a Necrophiliac and as such presumably creating universal of quanties of jissom, but to fertilise whom?

    I could go on to a full book on this alone but count this as my 1 annual dig at the severely deluded. I hope they find a way to mental health that seems to elude them despite all our efforts.

  4. Glenn Dudley November 3, 2012 at 11:45 am #

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I always appreciate hearing from my readers – even those who disagree with me… Your comments have been very helpful to me and have prompted me to rewrite my introductory Home page – with you and people like you in mind.

  5. Victor November 4, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

    It is clear that the author has considerable experience and has added a lot of original thought to the existing body of knowledge and theory. What he seems not to have learned is how to present these thoughts in a way which ordinary (but educated) people can understand…

  6. Glenn Dudley November 12, 2012 at 11:53 am #

    You’re not the first to say this.The problem is that the central hypothesis (an image is the mechanism by which the Second Law is restrained) is a synthesis of many, many component ideas – so many, that I have yet to find a really effective way to bring them all together and communicate them effectively as a single concept. Each component takes considerable thought in itself. I’ll keep working on it. For now, the well-referenced, 778 page book may be a more effective medium since it works up to the main concept gradually, taking the reader through the many steps I went through in arriving at the general theory. The challenge is that of persuading readers that such a formidable effort is worth their time and energy. It definitely would be could they be convinced that the aproach I take truly resolves the ancient paradox of mind and matter. But one has to be open to the premise that god, not matter, is fundamental – this being the only way that everything fits together with perfection. Thanks for your feedback.

  7. Faith November 29, 2012 at 6:17 am #

    Wonderful – I have grown to believe that science and religion can not be separated. That science is man evolving to the knowledge of that that is already in existence created in fulness by God.

  8. Glenn Dudley November 29, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    That’s a nice way to look at the big picture! Studies in quantum physics do already suggest that we are drawing closer to an understanding of the need for God as the ultimate reality – if only because of the need for a most encompassing Observer. But at the same time, as our understanding increases, some are increasing their efforts to find a substitute for God such as infinite universes (the Multiverse), the perfection of artificial intelligence, and so on – in effect playing God while lacking the wisdom to understand how a relationship to the infinite and/or nonexistence requires a transcendent Observer whose creative potential excludes the possibility of nothingness. Other postings explain why this potential requires an image – proving that God is a Person. Hopefully, as you suggest, science will eventually catch up and describe the mechanism by which mind creates and sustains matter – as I have attempted to do in my blog postings. Once this mechanism is widely accepted, there will be no further dissent or rebellion against God, biblically defined as invisible, transcendent and personal. Thanks for your comment.

  9. carlos fernandez December 29, 2012 at 2:28 pm #

    I think the readers of Mr. Dudley should read Antonio Damasio’s “Y el cerebro creo al hombre” (Translated as ” And the brain created man” ). I am not an atheist but never the less I questioned the bible and religious teachings all the time as religion has always been the niche of racism, intolerance and hate..

  10. Glenn Dudley December 29, 2012 at 8:02 pm #

    People, especially naturalists or atheists, will enjoy Antonio Damasio’s books. I know him personally, have attended his lectures when he worked in Boston and have corresponded with him privately. His books rank among the best in neuroscience. He and I disagree however as to the root cause of consciousness which he believes is consequent to events in certain parts of the brain – while I believe consciousness comes first and then the brain, in the image of God. If this is not true, it is impossible to explain how matter becomes conscious. However if God, not matter, is all in all – “in whom we live and move and have our being” according to the Bible – then consciousness is relatively easy to explain. My posts on the deeper meaning of an image explain the mechanism and the logic.

    Religions have indeed caused many a war – however, I know of no wars which Christianity has caused. The fundamental teaching of the New Testament is that we should turn the other cheek and love our enemies. The racism, intolerance and hate you speak of is not the reality but rather an interpretation of Christianity by its enemies – who don’t like the fact that its doctrines go against the grain of their liberal theology. True biblical Christians love everyone and want to see others get right with God for the purpose of eternal life. Racism is not at all a part of New Testament Christianity. The criticism of Intolerance and hate derive from a Christian’s unwillingness to have any one miss the mark and fail to receive the free gift of love and salvation by faith in the cleansing blood of Jesus – a gift which because God is righteous (not just tolerant of anything and everything) requires a standard of righteousness. All who have received this love and consequently experience “the peace that passes all understanding” are compelled by a desire deep in their hearts to share it. Hate is accordingly an interpretation by those who think that God’s biblical teachings are wrong because they are not liberal enough. It’s not hate; rather, its love for what we Christians see as lost souls – people who have been “blinded by the god of this world” and cannot therefore see the light of the glorious gospel of Jesus and cannot understand that a righteous God logically requires righteousness on the part of those who would like to fellowship with Him. And the beauty is that this righteousness is imparted to a believer by faith – not by works! No other religion offers such unconditional love.

    It’s astonishing how many (most if not all) who stereotype and criticize Christianity have no clue as to what the gospel of Jesus really is. They assume it’s just another legalistic system of thought with a different teacher or prophet and that when all is said and done one’s deeds determine one’s standing with God – failing to understand that no works or deeds done in the power of the flesh come even close to the righteousness of God. The bible is the only holy book to reveal that the only works acceptable to God are those done in the power of the Spirit – Jesus Himself living within the believer. And even these works don’t save but are a manifestation of the agape (unconditional) love of God. This is but one of many reasons why other religions spawn violence. Who wouldn’t be angry if they never knew in their heart if their works were sufficient for getting right with God? So, instead they take fleshly pride in their particular religion and are quick to fight against anyone who belittles their religion. Any rejection of their religion cuts deep because it undermines the pride and the works by which they feel they are saved.

    True righteousness is a love gift – given to those who believe that Jesus died for their sins and paid the full price for sin. They are to this measure cleansed from sin and are ready to enter God’s Kingdom and fellowship with their heavenly Father. Other religions use fear to coerce followers to produce good works according to the law. In contrast, Jesus fulfilled the law and is the only religious teacher or prophet to offer Himself as a sacrificial Lamb. Christianity is accordingly a Person and not a religion in the traditional, legalistic sense. It is the one exception! Nothing like the other world religions – in fact just the opposite. A gem in a world beset by pride, fear and guilt. It is not by coincidence that Christianity is the ONE world religion ridiculed by a lost world and, now, in this country, driven out of public places and schools – exactly where violence is increasing.

    If I get a response to this comment I will clarify further. Thanks for your thoughts.

  11. carlos fernandez January 1, 2013 at 1:39 pm #

    Sorry to disagree with you Mr. Dudley. I was brought up a catholic, within a family whose ancestors have all been catholic, I have read the bible and the new testament but just for your information I have suffered racism within the christian people in Europe. As for the issue of war not caused by christianity you turned to forget the crusades, the elimination of other cultures/nations in the name of christianity have been present through history. A couple of small examples the killing of Mayas, Aztescs, Mapuches and other people in latinamerica, So before you defend a religion which has been always tide to the exploitation and decimation of other nations do a bit of research and publish the honest results. I am still a catholic because that what I am deep inside my heart but I believe and interpret the teaching of Jesus in a different way to your own interpretation.

  12. Glenn Dudley January 1, 2013 at 6:48 pm #

    Christians have indeed sinned and committed racist acts – but a distinction can and must be made between Christianity as a religion and the people who call themselves Christians but who are Christians in name only, “nominal” Christians, especially those who are not living according to their faith. But this does not make Christianity just one of many religions equally implementing violence in the name of their god. The Crusades were to my understanding a defensive stand against the continuing slaughter of their people. It was a cultural thing. Never did any Christian nation take the initiative, go on the offensive and attempt to slaughter or eliminate another nation. It can also be said that the Catholic Church, nominally Christian – but actually the creation of Constantine who saw the benefit of uniting pagan traditions with Christianity – is not itself a solidly biblically-based religion. Some, in fact, define it as a cult – insofar as a cult is defined as a religion which waters down the real gospel of Jesus Christ and makes salvation dependent upon works as well as faith.

    The Catholic Church is focused largely on Mary who was as much a sinner as you or me – in her own words, she refers to Jesus, her own son, as her Lord and Savior. We should never pray to Mary or to the saints – why would we need to given that in Jesus we have direct access to God the Father? This after all is why the temple veil was rent down the midde when Jesus was resurrected – we are now cleansed and have direct access to the throne of God. The Catholic Church made and still does make the egregious error of putting papal authority above the Word of God. The Bible is clear – anyone who adds one word to the Bible will be cursed. In my opinion, Paul’s letters to the Romans and also the first few chapters of his letter to the Galatians best define the true nature of Christianity. And if one wants to go more deeply into the subject, he should read Paul’s letter to the Hebrews which analyzes the difference between the Old and New Testaments. I can’t speak for you but most people who see Christianity as one of many religions instigating violence in the world do not have a clue as to the difference between the Old and New Testaments. Do you understand this difference?

    True biblical Christianity is strictly and doctrinally opposed to racism. The Bible teaches that we come from one blood and are all brothers. I am therefore not defending a cultural religion – and only care to defend the fact the fact that Jesus overcame religion by fulfilling the Law as a sinless person, nailing sin to the cross and putting an end once and for all to sin and death. No other religion compares! In my opinion, what nominal, cultural Christians do in a given Catholic culture has almost nothing to do with the real McCoy.

    In your own words, you are still a Catholic because that is what you are deep inside your heart – but you apparently interpret the teaching of Jesus in a way that is not biblical. For me personally, I do not align myself with any denomination, sect or other cultural form of Christianity – for unless we are hearers and doers of the Word we are deviating from God’s Word and grieving the Spirit of God. The Bible – as written – stands above the truths of any culturally-defined religion. Perhaps you can explain to me what you mean when you say that you interpret the teachings of Jesus differently than I do. If you will be a little more specific, I will respond in kind.

  13. Theron Morgan January 9, 2013 at 2:31 pm #

    THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!!!!

  14. Al Navarrete January 15, 2013 at 10:26 am #

    So after all the words of reason you finally show your cards. You are still a fanatical Bible waver that accuses the Catholic Church of being a cult. I have forever warned other Catholics that those who say that they are Christians are also saying that Catholics are not. We live in a dangerous world here where our neighbors could turn against us at a moment’s notice.

  15. Al Navarrete January 15, 2013 at 10:44 am #

    OK, moderation. I have been reading your blog thinking of it as being reasonable and rational. I am a Christian because of the love of God. I belong to universal Christian Catholic church. I realize that those who have different ways to look at Christianity and I accept that their beliefs are important. I respect them. However, I have suspected that many who call themselves Christian actually believe that Catholics are not. They think that Catholisism is a sect. I have warned many Catholics who do not understand this attitude towards their religion. They think they have been accepted as part of the great Christian family in this country. They are not, they are appart from the majority and are just possible subjects for evangelization by the “Christians”. The “Christians” have no respect for Catholics. In your message to Carlos Fernandes you proved my point. I hope that all Catholics read your message.

  16. Glenn Dudley January 25, 2013 at 11:41 am #

    As for your first comment, I carefully define a cult as a religious system which dilutes the full efficacy and power of the blood of Jesus – which in my opinion the Catholic Church does when it claims salvation comes through a combination of faith and works. However, I did not say that Catholics are not Christians. Many of them have in fact discovered the truth – that salvation is in Jesus alone. The danger to our world lies not in adhering strictly to the Bible but in a failure to preach the full love and blood-based message of Jesus. Anyone who adds one word to the Bible will be cursed. So yes, I will continue to wave the Bible before a lost and suffering world. Will you join me?

    As for your second comment, I do believe that the Catholic Church is nominally Christian – and that just as many are lost to the cause of Christ in other nominally Christian denominations. However, it’s simply not true that I or other Christians “have no respect” for Catholics. That is your private interpretation. But, yes, I would rather be washed in the blood of Christ than to belong to the nominal “great Christian family.” Unfortunately, some think they are washed clean by being a member of this or that church. We are not saved by joining or being born into a church home – although in some instances this may help.

    We must be born AGAIN – first by water and then by the Spirit of God. Only then is our spirit cleansed and renewed. Only then do we have life everlasting. Have I missed your point? Once the miracle of new life has been achieved in one’s heart one is free to stay in or join any church. However, it remains a biblical fact that the only works God accepts as worthy are those which He directs through a cleansed and renewed heart. All others in the words of Isaiah are but “filthy rags” in the eyes of God. I truly believe that your hope of salvation is in vain if you think otherwise (Ephesians 2:8). Yes, these are my opinions but they reflect the Word of God which I have “hidden in my heart.” I especially love Paul’s letters to the Romans and to the Galatians!

    I too hope that all Catholics will read my comments. But allow me one final thought. If you still disagree with almost everything I have said, explain to me what the blood of Christ means to you personally. And should you in fact still disagree, please explain why – point by point. General statements such as I trust the Catholic Church and its leaders more than my own reasoning will in all likelihood bring our discussion amicably to an end. Why do you suppose that Catholic services, at least in the past, were carried out in Latin? – if not to sound pompous and conceal the truth of salvation from parishioners. As Paul said, “They have a form of godliness but deny its power. Have nothing to do with such people” (2 Timothy 3:5). And remember, the devil works mostly disguised as an “angel in light.”

  17. Teresa January 26, 2013 at 10:30 am #

    Dear Mr. Dudley,

    I am a bit, no, quite a bit lost in understanding what your book entails without reading your book and only looking at the summary above. When I took an introductory course for Psychology I read about twelve different philosophers and their ideas of life, brain, matter etc. One of them had a really fascinating idea that I quite often think and rethink may be true. I just wish I could remember his name in order to refer back to his writings. One of his ideas of mind and matter and therefore consciousness, was “what if there was nothing beyond what you are seeing right now”. For example, I am sitting in my living room and everything I see at that moment is all that exists at that moment in my life or time, for that matter and nothing really exists outside this room. It is a very narcissistic view but who knows. Maybe, everything else that is occurring in my life, now, the past and the future is, were and will be all basically a figment of my imagination. How does God fit in? He is testing me to see how I respond to all that I think I see, hear, taste, touch. And in doing so I can commit sins based on my senses because without my senses I would not sin. It would not be possible. So, the sins I have committed have not really affected anyone because they are only a figment of my imagination. But, God knows how truly sorry I am for all my past sins and I have declared not to commit them any further. I don’t know if any of you reading this can understand what I am trying to tell you. Maybe each one of us has the same experience. But I often hope that all that occurs in my life is a FIGMENT OF MY IMAGINATION and that NO ONE ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD or should I say IN MY EXISTENCE has suffered including JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. If that was the case and I was the only one that suffered in this world of mine then that would be ok with me. I often say to GOD if I am permitted to go to heaven, I truly don’t want to go their if I know others are suffering in hell. I would not and could not enjoy myself in heaven if I knew that was what was taking place. To GOD and anyone else who reads this, SINCERELY, Teresa

  18. Glenn Dudley January 26, 2013 at 11:44 am #

    You raise a moot point because for all practical purposes, life does exist only in our minds. But a problem arises if Jesus didn’t really suffer on the cross – because then none of us will ever get to heaven. As for being in heaven and not enjoying yourself that would be an oxymoron. It wouldn’t be heaven if you weren’t happy there! As for those who don’t make it, I look at it this way – they would be really miserable in heaven if they weren’t first made righteous by the blood of Jesus. The light would be too bright, the righteousness of others would drive them nuts, and they would constantly be fretting for those who didn’t make it. That would be hell!

    I have another viewpoint that might ease some of your concern. For those who don’t invite Jesus into their hearts, hell will only be painful to the measure of their personal sin. There are many who will not make it into heaven because they insist upon relying upon their own good works – having been as good as the next person and having done a decent job at living by the Golden Rule. These good works are, according to Isaiah, but “filthy rags” in the eyes of God. The good news (the gospel) is that salvation and entrance into heaven is not based on works but on faith (Ephesians 2:8). We become clothed with the righteousness of God the moment we invite Jesus into our heart as our personal Savior – so that when God looks down upon us He no longer sees our sin. We have been washed in the blood of His Son! That’s true Christianity. So, let’s hope that Jesus really did suffer on the cross!

    The evidence, even if only in our minds, is overwhelming that Jesus did in fact exist. Indeed the entire Old Testament with its sacrificial offerings for sin points to Jesus as the blemish-free Lamb of God. This means – assuming you accept God’s offer of eternal life and invite Him into your heart – that entrance into heaven is an absolute certainty. Other religions preach the Golden Rule and salvation by works. Christianity is the only religion in the world where the Law has been fulfilled by a sinless human being – true unconditional love. Of course Jesus had a slight advantage over us – His Father was God.

    The bottom line is that we now have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, who is the satisfaction for our sins – our redeeming Lamb. We have then a new contract with God – no longer based on the Law but on faith in the blood of Jesus. We call this contract the New Testament. All we have to do to make this contract effective for us personally is, to our best ability, repent of sin – and invite Jesus into our hearts. Hallelujah!

  19. Sonyah February 22, 2013 at 9:18 am #

    Dear Brother Glenn,
    Jesus Christ with all of His wonderful knowledge made salvation so sweet, so simple, so loving, attach with absolutely nothing harsh such as war, in order to obtain it, and keep it…just LOVE. He said about His chosen ones, who choose Him, who know Him, that you will ‘know them by their ‘love’. I think it is sometimes hard for us Christians who are garnished with so many things, which I refer to as, ‘idols’, because they dilute so much of our time with our beautiful, blissful, free, communications with our loving, and merciful Father, who in no wise can free our minds of these rigid fears in which we have grown up with, unless we free up some of our time that we are wasting to the world, and the worldly ways, and give it back to knowing just who your loving Father really is. ‘The Word’ says to, ‘work out your own salvation’, but so many only go by what they learned at V.B.S., when they were children, or what their parents taught, or at a Christmas, and Easter service twice a year, or a preacher. I am not downing any of these. I am just urging everyone to please unplug, or better yet, toss out that Tv. Now days, the powers of darkness own about 99% of your channels, and are telling you lies also. When advertisements of shoes, socks, candy, and chewing gum become sexual in order to entice, then I can’t help but hurt for the sake of our merciful and loving Father. Toss your video ‘games’ and ports away. They are made to destroy the minds of our children, and young adults. Cut out the trashy music forever. It is designed to morph and warp the mind that God gave you as a new born, perfect, clean, and pure! Why worship these! Yes, it is your choice, and no, you don’t have to do any of these things, but do you see that we are blind ourselves? We are allowing ourselves to be ever so increasingly molded, and miss-shaped by the devil, and true to this day, the devil does still exist, and wants to cause as much evil, and sin as possible before his time is up.

    Then its off to go shopping for this, and that, especially the girls, and women…you know how it is. We see it, we got to have it! Then moms got to drive the kids to the soccer game, to the basketball game, pickup one kid from karate practice, and Dads off on a fishing trip with uncle Joe Bob! Don’t forget the derby car races is tonight! Dear Brother Glenn, I just wonder what the Lord thinks when He looks down on us all, and sees how much time we spend on idols, and fun, and how much time we have taken away from knowing Him in that wonderful, most special way. I will, that people consume ‘Jesus Christ’, and to throw away all of the useless devices, games, and inventions in which the powers of darkness has brought in to America in these last days, in order to pull us away from Christ! During the Biblical days of Moses, and the prophets, and the disciples, we were sinners, but we walked closely with God, every single day, all during the day! What has happened! I agree that we do not get to heaven by works, but I just want to urge everyone that sees this, on behalf of our loving Jesus who got snot spat in His face, who had handfuls of His beard yanked off of His face, who’s flesh was ripped wide open 39 times with a whip that had many leather straps with thin sharpened bones on the end of each for ripping the flesh back opened while pulling back the whip. Were you there when they crucified Our Lord? I was there brother, because I am a sinner. I was there when He arose, because I, by The blood of Jesus The Christ, The Son of The Living God, have been made clean! I am 45 yrs. old, and life has not been easy for me at all, and I rejoice in that. God chastises the ones He loves. -Geez, He must love me a lot;)- Through it all, I have learned, and learned, and learned. I so love The Lord with all of my heart! He has done much for me! You can read all about it in the pages of the gospels of the new testament…I was blind, but now I see spiritually the wonders of God, especially when I take the time to lavish in His word! It’s unbelievable at times, what the Lord will share with you! I was that lady that went faithfully to the temple everyday praying and all bowed over for years, but The Lord ‘made her strait’.

    I was home bound for many years with partial onset, and ‘true’ pseudo-seizures, and I finally learned that the pseudo-seizures stemmed from the religious fears of knowing that I was going to burn in a very, very, very hot fire for eternity, while falling, and falling in a dark space, because with what I had been taught, I could see no way of making it to heaven, and I lived many years with a tortured mind. Well brother, all of those demons have been tossed out for good, and I am well. I know now that Christ did not die in vain!

    I just want all of us to be more respectful, and appreciative of what The Lord has sacrificed for us. Right now, I think most all of us are acting like a bunch of spoiled kids that just take, and take, and take, without ever just stopping and saying, “I love you, and I appreciate your love and devotion for me, and I think its high time we take a nice walk together, everyday….just ‘me, and you’….. I LOVE YOU LORD!

    Thank you for allowing me to share dear brother. I do have a question also for you concerning consciousness/vision here on earth, in relation to consciousness/vision of the universe. Please answer in laymen terminology:

    1: Do you think that there is a correlation of our brain, and the creation thereof, including the eyes, to the creation of the intricate universe which really does seem to mimic ether/or one huge brain, or maybe several brains working together, with the black holes as powerful and mysterious as they are, do mimic our own pupils/eyes in so many ways. Maybe they are the eyes of Revelation, or the eyes of God, or our eyes to our homes in the heavens that we ourselves are storing heavenly riches for by the love, and desire that we really do have for our Father? Hmmmmm. Just for thought…I think crazy sometimes, but hope you can answer.

    Much thanks to you brother, and may God bless you richly in your heart, and spirit!…. I LOVE EVERYBODY.

  20. Sonyah March 2, 2013 at 11:24 pm #

    Dear Brother Glenn,
    I just wanted to clarify what I said to you in my previous letter, when I said, “that you can read all about it in the pages of the gospel of the new testament”. I believe while Jesus did heal in amazingly physical ways, in that he healed the blind, the lame, the leper (spotted), raised the dead, etc…, that today I, and many Christians are absolutely being healed of these very same diseases, except at this time, the focus is in a SPIRITUAL sense, and many who are coming to Christ, are being healed! Being healed Spiritually is so much The More than being healed in the physical, when the soul is broken, and can’t find its way! When you read the new testament, and when you sit down alone, and begin to feed upon His word, you will begin to see Him talking to us today, just as He talked to them back then in the yesterday. Before long, you will begin to see Him even with you! Its the truth! Why would I say such a thing, if it were not so, to all who may read this and wonder….Our God, He Is Alive! I love everybody….Sonyah

  21. Dawit May 31, 2013 at 1:55 am #

    Dark energy comprises 84% of the entire universe but what about 16% ?

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