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Exploding the Myth of Evolution

This book contains unequivocal evidence that the anticipation of an image through tiny instants of time, being highly specific and finite, is the sole means by which the Second Law (tendency toward increasing disorder) is restrained—proving the existence of a God who transcends matter. Darwin is unequivocally dethroned.

And there is more! Open-minded readers will be stunned by how gender confusion and disease are the result of rejecting the biblical model of paternal authority–based solidly on how the health of the  brain and body depends upon the flow of unconditional love (the very presence of God himself) in the home. Strong evidence is presented in the book’s epilogue that when the mother usurps her husband’s authority the consequence is inevitable: the limbic brain, which mediates the health of every cell in the body is compromised. Likewise, the immune system, also controlled by the limbic brain, is compromised in a highly predictable manner. Liberals will be deeply grieved as their political and theological castle of tolerance for anything and everything is scientifically demolished. The Epilogue is titled: Gender Confusion and the Destruction of America.

The rest of the book explains why, based on how the brain creates an image, consciousness is the very presence and light of God, the light by which the self sees itself and an image. Be among the first to comprehend the one and only true solution to the ancient mystery of mind and matter.



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