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For those who might want to dig more deeply into this subject and get the “big picture,”  here is the Amazon description of my latest book

God and the Limbic Brain

How the Anatomy of the Brain
Explains Consciousness and Rules Out Evolution.

Finally a book which delivers what it promises: a truly logical resolution to the paradox of mind and matter. Expectancy is the key to understanding this ancient mystery. Why? Because brain anatomy and function centers around the narrowing of a tiny expectancy mismatch, the success of which narrowing sustains a tiny gap between the actual and the anticipated—something impossible apart from overseeing mind. This book explains exactly how this overseeing mind and the brain are related—an historical first with dramatic implications for understanding current dilemmas in science.

For example, it becomes apparent that consciousness, not matter, is fundamental—this being the only way to explain how an anticipatory gap, similar to that occurring in the brain, creates, sustains and organizes matter. It becomes further apparent that the mechanism of the above triad is intrinsically linked to the momentary absence of what is anticipated and the way this absence releases and channels energy into brain systems which create that state—all requiring transcendent mind while ruling out any possibility that mind is emergent from matter.

The book demolishes many other sacred cows by virtue of their incompatibility with the anticipatory anatomy and logic of the human brain. Topping the list is the realization that an image is the sole means by which the Second Law of Thermodynamics is contained, irrefutably proving the existence of God—a God who must be a Person as biblically defined given that every image requires an observer.

There is much more. For example, the book describes the striking parallel that exists between dying stars and orgasmic events in the brain—and other compelling evidence that we have been created “in the image of God.” This biblical claim in fact becomes a scientific necessity given that there is no other way to explain how a mere tendency toward nonexistence in the absence of an anticipated image can regressively release and channel energy into sustaining the anticipated specificity of the brain and body which is a peripheral part of every image.

Indeed, it turns out that an image, being discreet and finite, is the sole means by which the body mass is sustained, thereby deepening our understanding of the brain—most notably the energy-regulating mechanisms of the limbic brain all of which, not coincidentally, are reciprocally linked to the body as a whole. A life-changing book that will legitimize and restore God to his rightful place in science.

The author’s zeal for resolving the paradox of mind and matter earned him a position in MIT’s prestigious Neurosciences Research Program in 1970 and election to the Society for Neuroscience in 1972.



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