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For those who might want to dig more deeply into this subject and get the “big picture,”  here is the Amazon description of my latest book

God and the Limbic Brain

How the Anatomy of the Brain
Explains Consciousness and Rules Out Evolution.

This book describes what is destined to become one of the most significant breakthroughs in the history of science—proving, by the limbic logic of the brain, that consciousness and God are one the same. Not by religious bias but by scientific necessity—this being the only way to explain how the limbic brain continuously narrows a tiny expectancy gap to which disorder and infinity are implicit and against which possibility the self contrastingly sees itself as finite or “conscious.”

In no way conflicting with established science, all the evidence presented in this book—from the creation of photons at the quantum level to the light generated by cosmic explosions—points to consciousness being the inner light of God generated by a regressive proximity to infinity and, which is the same, the weightlessness of nonexistence. All explaining why the limbic brain, as the brain’s weight and temperature regulating core, is essential for sustaining one’s finite “bubble” of awareness—against, what in the momentary absence of an image, is an accelerating tendency toward increasing disorder.

Something very exciting—a breakthrough of equal significance—follows. An image, its very perception, becomes the sole means by which the regressive effects of the Second Law of Thermodynamics are contained—proving, irrefutably, the existence of a biblically-defined transcendent God. This in turn means something equally stunning: the equation, E=mc2, is meaningless apart from an image and the light of God as the carrier of the energy regressively released by the momentary absence of an anticipated state—mirroring the manner by which the limbic brain converts and channels energy into creating or sustaining an image the perception of which conserves energy and sustains the body mass.

And much more. For example, Darwin is dethroned and evolution is debunked as it becomes apparent that limbic anatomy exposes a fundamental truth: organized matter, and therefore all matter, is held together by the way sensory information from its full width and breadth flows into a weight-regulating center—something impossible apart from a transcendent image and the way such an image constitutes the binding together of constituent “qualia” into an anticipated whole, the “image.” Two of science’s greatest mysteries are immediately solved: the “binding” problem and the mechanism by which sensation becomes conscious—the so-called “hard question” of science.

The author concludes with a startling sociological twist explaining why chaos and disease are the inevitable result of excluding God from our culture and the way this exclusion compromises the regulatory functions of the limbic brain. The mechanism by which limbic dysfunction occurs will titillate and satisfy the sharpest of intellects in science and beyond.

The author’s zeal for resolving the “mind-body problem” earned him a position in MIT’s prestigious Neurosciences Research Program in 1970, and election to the Society for Neuroscience in 1972.



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