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For those desiring the big picture, including proof that consciousness cannot be explained apart from God, here is the Amazon Description of my latest book.

God and the Limbic Brain

  How the Anatomy of the Brain

Explains Consciousness and Rules Out Evolution


God and the Limbic Brain presents the only true and logical, brain-based solution to the ancient paradox of mind and matter—by proving on the basis of real brain anatomy that an image, being expectantly finite, is the sole means by which disorder and the Second Law are contained. Irrefutable proof that God exists and that an image is the means by which the universe was created.

Darwin is dethroned as we discover why the energy transformations of the equation E=mc2 are meaningless apart from a preexistent, transcendent image. Indeed, it becomes apparent that the inner aspect of ‘c’ is God Himself, the light by which we see an image—necessarily a Person given that every image needs an observer.

Consciousness, not matter, becomes ultimate reality the overseeing nature of which, by way of an image, stabilizes the relationship between the finite and the infinite, existence and nonexistence— requiring that we have been made “in the image of God” in whom, according to the Bible, “we live and move and have our being.”

Read the book and be the first to discover how the “hard question” of science, how qualia become conscious, is finally solved based on how information from every nook and cranny of the body mass converges into the limbic brain prior to the narrowing of an expectancy gap and the corresponding synthesis of myriad qualia into an image—thereby preserving the body mass as finite.

The author is a retired physician whose life-long zeal for bridging the gap between mind and body earned him a position in MIT’s prestigious Neurosciences Research Program and election to the Society for Neuroscience in 1972.


My previous book (776 pages) is a more in-depth analysis of brain anatomy and how the overall design of the human brain proves the existence of God and explains consciousness:


Journey to the Center of the Brain

Explaining Mind in a Universe of Matter


Either of these books proves unequivocally that, exactly as the Bible claims, we “live and move and have our being in God” — this  being the only way to explain the limbic logic of the brain.  These books were written for the average armchair philosopher interested in understanding the ancient mystery of how mind and matter are  related — yet contain enough detailed anatomical proof to satisfy any hard-nosed neuroscientist or psychologist.


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