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For those who might want to dig more deeply into this subject and get the “big picture,”  here is the Amazon description of my latest book

God and the Limbic Brain

How the Anatomy of the Brain
Explains Consciousness and Rules Out Evolution.

This book achieves a perfect synthesis of science and religion to be the first to go beyond describing consciousness to actually explaining it. The difference is that the author has done something that is anathema to modern science—he has included God in his analysis of how consciousness and the human brain are connected. To encapsulate, he has proven, based on the brain’s supernatural “limbic” design, that God and consciousness are not physically connected—that in fact consciousness is so fundamental that to speak of interaction between the two, as if they were both physical, is an absurdity. This means that consciousness can be explained only by comprehending the complete and extreme omnipresence of God, so invisibly fundamental, that an image, because it is discrete and finite, can be correctly envisioned as the proof that disorder and the Second Law of Thermodynamics have been successfully contained; something only possible if God is the one “in whom we live and move and have our being” as the Bible has long proclaimed—the light by which we see an image.

The author’s forays into quantum physics further testify that God and consciousness are one and the same—as evidenced by the astonishing parallel that exists between the way light is generated by a collision between a particle and an anti-particle and the way that consciousness as the “light of self” is sustained by a collision in the brain between the finite and the infinite—the “anti-finite.” God is supreme and necessarily a Person given that an image—correctly envisioned as the ongoing interface between order and disorder—is meaningless apart from an observer who is transcendent to space and time. Indeed, readers will discover that spacetime itself defines the very essence of an image, and that accordingly the Universe itself is an image in the mind of God.

And much more, equally mind-boggling—not by religious bias but by scientific necessity and the way the brain’s core limbic anatomy functions around an expectancy gap to which disorder is intrinsic and infinity implicit. For example, Darwin is dethroned given that in a God-centered universe an image is the means by which which matter is created, organized and sustained. Indeed, readers will see that the mechanism underlying all creation is the regressive, energy-releasing nature of an incipiently missing, anticipated state, i.e., an image—requiring that the brain and body have been made in the image of an infinite God.” The energy transformations of Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 are then, for similar reasons, meaningless apart from an image and the light of God.

The Epilogue, Gender Confusion and the collapse of America, adds an astonishing sociological twist—as readers discover that the Bible is also correct in its claim that demons are real. The gist of the reasoning is that in a universe where God, not matter, is fundamental, “demons” and negative “emotions” are indistinguishable. It becomes obvious that modern science, which hasn’t a clue as to how to explain consciousness, has in fact duped the world into believing that the “spooky” spiritual realm is outdated by the “proofs” of naturalistic science. It follows that the “casting out of demons” would and, in the experience of the author, does in fact restore health by normalizing limbic function.

Who is the author? He is a retired physician who has written several books, and whose passion for resolving the paradox of mind and body earned him a position in MIT’s prestigious Neurosciences Research Program in 1970 and election to the Society for Neuroscience in 1972.



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