Proof that God Exists

The very nature of God has been encoded within the brain, this being the only way to explain how we consciously see a finite image against the infinitude of our own potential nonexistence – not by the requirement of some esoteric religion but by scientific necessity and the need to explain the energy transfer that is responsible for movement. This relationship to nonexistence is probabilistic, hinging upon the momentary absence of a finite image. It is encoded regressively going back in the “now” of time to when we were nearly weightless in the womb – a mere embryonic conceptus. At every moment there is a tendency to regress and ultimately return to a weightless state – a process that is blocked by the way regression releases energy that is then channeled into creating an expected match.

The logic is bound to the thermodynamics of an image. We anticipate some appropriate image through tiny fractions of time – which means that at every instant there is a tiny gap between what we anticipate and what we actually witness. It is in this tiny moment that the Second Law kicks in and the probability of our becoming disordered and eventually nonexistent accelerates. But not to fear since it is exactly this acceleration which regressively channels energy into the motor system as required for actualizing an image. The Second Law and its restraint are built into our human design.

It is of special note that the dimension and brilliance of one’s visual field depends upon which aspect of the ANS predominates, the anterior parasympathetic or the posterior sympathetic – paralleling the oppositional nature of consciousness and offering a proof that a biblically defined, transcendent and personal God exists. Only if we have been created in the image of a God who continually overcomes nonexistence – can the brain function in this manner. Atheists and other skeptics can only get around this proof by confessing that our relationship to infinity is purely objective – in which case we are all zombies.

My recently published book, Consciousness Finally Explained: A Perfect Synthesis of God and Brain, explains the logic and anatomy of our relationship to infinity (and therefore to God as the overcomer of nonexistence) in much greater depth. Click the “Home” tab above to access this and my earlier book, Journey to the Center of the Brain: Explaining Mind in a Universe of Matter.

About Glenn Dudley

GLENN DUDLEY became interested in the mind-body problem as a Pre-Med student at the University of Colorado where he emphasized studies in physics, philosophy, and Judeo-Christian theology. He received his M.D. degree from the University of Colorado in 1969. After a mixed Psychiatry/Medicine internship, he worked for two years at MIT's Neurosciences Research Program -- a think tank whose objective was that of understanding how the hard-wiring of the nervous system mediates thought and emotion. Then, he spent a year in the Department of Psychiatry at Tufts Medical School in Boston reviewing the world's literature on psychological and emotional predispositions to cancer. From 1975 to his retirement in 1998 he practiced primary care medicine.
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