“Tooth and Claw” Evolution is a Lie — Here’s Why

When analyzed from a biblical perspective, the human brain reveals a long-hidden secret: the mechanism by which mind seemingly “emerges” from matter – demonstrating at the level of neuroscience that in fact mind does NOT emerge from matter. It’s exactly the other way around. Even without referencing the Bible, everything about the brain points to an image being the means by which order is created and disorder is minimized – thus confirming what the Bible teaches about God and our relationship to him – for example, that he is transcendent to space and time, the invisible Person in whom we live and move. Further, given the reciprocal connection between the visual system and the brain’s thermoregulatory core, we have all the evidence we need for proving that the Second Law of thermodynamics is contained primarily if not solely by the perception of an image, thanks to its expectable specificity and finite nature.

The Bible gets it right: there is an invisible transcendent God “in whom we live and move”; just as it was correct that the earth is a circle hanging in space and the Universe is expanding[1] – long before science had a clue. The Bible in my opinion is also right about creationism – for this is the only perspective which fits with an image being thermodynamically equivalent to the enhancement of a tendency toward finite survival, a scenario having very precise weight and temperature equivalents. Successive “tooth and claw” natural selection is a reasonable hypothesis if God does not exist, but it cannot explain how organized structure (mass of any kind) is dependent upon its anticipated specificity, the consequent release and channeling of energy — and therefore an image.

Darwinian evolution can only explain post-flood, niche adaptation as a degenerative function of DNA. DNA – given that it consists of a highly ordered sequence of chemical “words” – cannot even exist or be created apart from an image. In other words, all structure, mass of any kind, cannot emerge in the absence of an image – and thus the primacy of mind. Which means that chance plays no significant role in the creation of the Universe or the creation of life. This, if you have any doubts, is what the design of the brain unequivocally reveals.

However well-intended, “tooth and claw” evolution is a lie of naturalistic, atheistic science. The Second Law itself could not even exist apart from the restraint of its effects by an image. God must therefore exist and oversee every aspect of His creation.

A revised and amplified version of these essays can be found in my recent book: Consciousness Finally Explained: A Perfect Synthesis of God and Brain. This book will get  you up to speed. Then, if you are a glutton for anatomical detail and many philosophical tangents analyzing the mind-matter connection, the longer (778 page) book is available: Journey to the Center of the Brain: Explaining Mind in a Universe of Matter.



[i] Isaiah 40:22.


About Glenn Dudley

GLENN DUDLEY became interested in the mind-body problem as a Pre-Med student at the University of Colorado where he emphasized studies in physics, philosophy, and Judeo-Christian theology. He received his M.D. degree from the University of Colorado in 1969. After a mixed Psychiatry/Medicine internship, he worked for two years at MIT's Neurosciences Research Program -- a think tank whose objective was that of understanding how the hard-wiring of the nervous system mediates thought and emotion. Then, he spent a year in the Department of Psychiatry at Tufts Medical School in Boston reviewing the world's literature on psychological and emotional predispositions to cancer. From 1975 to his retirement in 1998 he practiced primary care medicine.
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