The Brain Proves the Existence of God — Here’s How

My new book, Consciousness Finally Explained, is truly a groundbreaker, the first logical explanation of consciousness—achieved through a perfect synthesis of science and religion. Why religion? Because a close look at the human brain proves that good science, the best science, makes room in the inn for God. The brain’s supernatural cortico-limbic design does in fact prove the existence of God—a God who transcends space and time and in whom, according to Scripture, “we live and move and have our being.”

How does a deeper understanding of this part of the brain achieve this goal? It does this by recognizing how the narrowing of an expectancy gap (achieved by the limbic brain) is exactly equal to the seeing-of-an-image. This means that an image, its very presence, directly signifies the successful restraint of the Second Law of Thermodynamics—in the absence of which restraint the brain would dissipate and eventually become nonexistent. Consciousness becomes envisioned as a vector between the finite and the infinite — explaining the edgeless graphics of one’s “bubble” of awareness. A contrast with infinity does explain how the self becomes illuminated to itself as the surround for an image as long as we understand that God, not matter, is fundamental—light itself as biblically defined.

The proof is in the pudding, the brain, and the fact that information from the entire body feeds into the brain’s limbic core just prior to this part of the brain instructing the adjacent motor system what it must do to create an image the perception of which limits an expectancy gap and, equivalently, a persistent regressive tendency—to which weightless infinity is implicit. In effect, the self and its physical equivalent, the body mass, become (in the momentary absence of an expected state) slightly too-small for their “britches”—thereby illuminating the self to itself as the surround for an image. But hold everything! The very nature of God must be very encoded within the design of the brain if a regressive contrast with infinity is to logically release and channel energy into creating an expected state, the perception of which (the image) contains further regression. Since an image, as the means by which the Second Law is contained, requires an observer—we have definitive proof for the existence of God.

For a more in-depth anatomical analysis, my book, Consciousness Finally Explained: A Perfect Synthesis of God and Brain, is available through Amazon (click the “Home” Tab above).

About Glenn Dudley

GLENN DUDLEY became interested in the mind-body problem as a Pre-Med student at the University of Colorado where he emphasized studies in physics, philosophy, and Judeo-Christian theology. He received his M.D. degree from the University of Colorado in 1969. After a mixed Psychiatry/Medicine internship, he worked for two years at MIT's Neurosciences Research Program -- a think tank whose objective was that of understanding how the hard-wiring of the nervous system mediates thought and emotion. Then, he spent a year in the Department of Psychiatry at Tufts Medical School in Boston reviewing the world's literature on psychological and emotional predispositions to cancer. From 1975 to his retirement in 1998 he practiced primary care medicine.
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