Could Dark Energy Be God?

Most of the Universe is either dark energy or dark matter. The reason such energy might in some sense be God is based on the Biblical teaching that God is invisible and yet holds everything together.[1] Just as we alone can experience our personal bubble of awareness, God is the invisible reality that only he can directly experience. Yet He is our transcendent ground-of-being – holding the Universe together much as the anticipated wholeness of an image holds the brain and body together by containing the Second Law. As the body mass accelerates (probabilistically) toward infinity in the fleeting instant prior to actualizing an anticipated finite image, so is the expansion of the Universe, an image in the mind of God, accelerating.

Dark matter, constituting about 25% of the total matter in the Universe, is not really dark – it is just invisible. Since God is biblically defined as light, dark matter may represent some of his “invisible qualities.”[2] That said, God is light. And light is connected to dark matter in ways yet to be fathomed by quantum physics. But is it purely coincidental that an image constitutes roughly 25% of one’s visual field – approximating the ratio of dark matter to the total matter in the Universe? This would mean that the visible Universe represents the focal aspect of an image in the mind of God, while invisible (dark) aspects may represent the less focal, peripheral aspect of His mind.

Is it pure coincidence that physicists believe that dark energy is responsible for the expansion of the Universe — paralleling the way the self and its body tend toward weightlessness in the incipient absence of a focal (finite) image? Is it mere coincidence that dark energy is essential, specifically, to the accelerating nature of the expanding Universe – albeit on a timescale vastly larger than that within which the human brain? While this invisible “dark” energy surely does not represent the full nature of God, it may well play a role, an accelerating expansive role, in his overseeing mind.

The most recent of my books, Consciousness Finally Explained: A Perfect Synthesis of God and Brain, explains in greater detail the logic and neural basis for the above conclusions. This book is accessible HERE.


1.  Colossians 1:15-17; Hebrews 1:3; 2:10; 1 Corinthians 8:6.

2.  Romans 1:20.

About Glenn Dudley

GLENN DUDLEY became interested in the mind-body problem as a Pre-Med student at the University of Colorado where he emphasized studies in physics, philosophy, and Judeo-Christian theology. He received his M.D. degree from the University of Colorado in 1969. After a mixed Psychiatry/Medicine internship, he worked for two years at MIT's Neurosciences Research Program -- a think tank whose objective was that of understanding how the hard-wiring of the nervous system mediates thought and emotion. Then, he spent a year in the Department of Psychiatry at Tufts Medical School in Boston reviewing the world's literature on psychological and emotional predispositions to cancer. From 1975 to his retirement in 1998 he practiced primary care medicine.
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